5 Reasons to Move to Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world, renowned for its culture, art, food, green streets and laid-back lifestyle. It is truly one of Australia’s gems. So what makes Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs stand out in such a wonderful place to live?

Melbourne Nature is Sublime

One of the most striking aspects of Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs is its abundance of nature. While the Western Suburbs have traditionally been more industrialised and the city centre a haven of urban congestion, the East has built itself as a refuge of green in the middle of the city.

To really appreciate the beauty of the Eastern suburbs you must go to the Dandenong Ranges along its outer edges. Full of breathtaking scenery, quaint little villages and romantic nooks it is easy to see why the Ranges have become a famous site for visitors to Melbourne and so enjoyed by those living in the city’s East.

The Food and Shopping is Fantastic

Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs are brimming with culinary flair, with world class restaurants and delicious coffee, it’s hard to be disappointed. There’s is a long list of suburbs with fantastic food but some of the local favourites are Kew for a ritzy assortment of chic dining options, Glen Waverly for spice packed Asian cuisine and Blackburn for some of Melbourne’s best coffee spots.

Aside from the action packed food options there is also the opportunity to do a great bit of shopping, with plenty of big and boutique brands and the biggest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere located right in Chadstone.

Melbourne’s East is Wonderful for Families

There is a lot of space to grow in Melbourne’s East and it offers plenty of green, leafy suburbs for your little ones to run around in. Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs take pride in their world class schools and the plethora of family friendly parks and options for kids activities.

Aside from the amenities it is also extremely safe, with crime below national averages in a country that already boasts a very low crime rate compared to developed world standards.

Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs are great for employment opportunities

Melbourne’s East boasts some of the lowest unemployment rates in the city as little as 3.6% in Surrey Hills, 3.9% in Vermont and 3.5% in Camberwell. Not only can you be very close to the city, with all the benefits of working near the CBD but you are also just a step away from Box Hill, one of Melbourne’s most important business districts.

Finally, there is a lively culture

Eastern Melbournians can choose to live close to the CBD and be a stone’s throw away from the fantastic art and culture scenes of the National Gallery of VictoriaAustralian Centre for Contemporary Art or the Melbourne Museum.

However, it isn’t all about culture found in galleries, Melbourne is also one of the most multi-cultural places in the country, with a fantastic array of people from all over the world living and working together.