Moving Your Wardrobe

Moving Your Wardrobe Easily

While moving to a new house relocating a wardrobe may be a huge brainteaser. This article is to give you some useful tips for moving a wardrobe more efficiently.

Have you ever tried to move your wardrobe to a new location? If you have tried to move a wardrobe by yourselves then you surely know have an idea of how difficult and complex the task may be. Moving huge and bulky items is not only very tiring and stressful but it can also be dangerous, given that making even the smallest mistake you may hurt yourself or your possessions.

The best way to move a heavy and bulky piece of furniture without having problems is to have a complete view of the warnings and precautions that such an endeavor means. Equally, you will surely need a good plan of how to achieve to move a huge and heavy piece of furniture, namely a wardrobe, without devoting a lot of time and absorbing your energy. To this point Quick Pick Movers are here to give you all the information you need in order to be able to move your wardrobe more easily.


As mentioned above, moving a wardrobe can be laborious, tiresome and time consuming, not to mention that such an endeavor requires special equipment and experienced movers as well. Undoubtedly, the best way to achieve a fast and safe move is to hire professional movers that have all the experience and knowledge needed in order to guarantee that our wardrobe will be transferred easily and most important safely to its new position. However, if you feel that you can undertake the move and still want to try it by yourselves you will find the professionals’ plan below extremely helpful.


To begin with, given that huge items are usually too heavy to be moved what we have to do in order to make the move easier is to eliminate the item’s weight as much as possible. Wardrobes are extremely convenient as they can fit inside a great amount of different items. However, you will never be able to move a filled wardrobe so first of all you have to empty it out of its contents. This way you can preserve accidents too as unpacked items can easily suffer damage during the transfer. Therefore, a few days before the day of the move start packing up all the wardrobe’s contents. Enclose all your possessions in cartons and secure with moving tape. If you want to make your life easier while unpacking too, mind to label the cartons as for their contents.

You can also sort the items out into categories in order to put similar things together, this way the unpacking and reorganizing of your wardrobe will much easier too. In addition, in case that your wardrobe includes drawers or shelves you should better remove them too. This way you will manage to make your furniture even lighter making the transfer much easier as well. Remove carefully all the shelves and drawers. Attention! Most people leave this task for last minute however these pieces will need to be packed too so as not to be broken or scratched during the move. Therefore, after you have packed the wardrobe’s contents mind to wrap the shelves with paper, tissues, blankets or bubble wrap. Moreover, if there are glass pieces, if the wardrobe has a glass front for instance, consider taking it off too.

If the glass pieces are not removable you can protect them covering them with bubble wrap or foamed plastic pieces. Secure the doors using moving tape in order to prevent their opening while moving. What is more, you can wrap the outside of your wardrobe too in order to protect it against damages and dirt. Accidents are very often while moving, so if you don’t want your furniture to be scratched or bruised use moving blankets to wrap the outside. Secure the wrapping with stripes or moving tape. Finally, if your wardrobe is too heavy to be carried in hands, you can use a trolley/dolly to carry it with, or in case that the furniture is too large to be carried or passed through doors and narrow passages mind taking it apart.


The plan above will help you achieve an easier and safer move giving you the chance to reduce the chances of mistakes and accidents. Nonetheless only professional movers can guarantee that nothing will go wrong and that your furniture will be transferred to your new house as fast and safe as possible. Consider the option of an even easier move and hire a reputable and cheap furniture removalists company that will undertake the move helping you save a lot of time and great effort.

Glass Dining Buffet

Moving Easily a Glass Dining Buffet

Moving a glass dining buffet may be a brainteaser, given that you’ll have to deal with a heavy and bulky piece of furniture, but yet reading this article you may change your mind! We are here to give you a helping hand!

Moving heavy and bulky pieces of furniture is difficult anyway but if you try to do it by yourselves things get a bit more complicated. Amateurs usually have all the will needed in order to cope with such a difficult task, however sometimes the lack of knowledge and experience may be disastrous resulting in accidents and damages.

On the other hand, imagine how easier and safer your move would be if you had an idea of what to do and what to avoid while moving your buffet. To this point Quick Pick Movers are here to give you all the information you need in order to make the transfer of your buffet as easy as possible.


If you think that it is about time to move your buffet will surely need some sort of guidance in order to avoid hurting both yourself or causing damages to your furniture. Heavy and bulky pieces are difficult to move by amateurs. If you want to save both a lot of time and great effort you should better get professional movers to undertake this difficult task. However, in case that you want to try moving your buffet by yourselves there are several things you need to know so as to make the endeavor easier. Smart and easy tips and tricks are here to help you make your move a breeze. Take a glance at our plan!


To begin with, before you try moving your buffet you need to remove all its contents, pack and store them. A glass dining buffet is already heavy and as it is a perfect storing piece of furniture it is usually filled with many different and fragile items. If you want to make the move easier you have to reduce your buffet’s weight, reducing the chances of damages as well. Buy or borrow from friends the packing materials you’ll need and pack the buffet’s contents. You can use cartons, paper, tissues and bubble wrap in order to wrap fragile items. Wrap each item individually. This way you reduce even more the chances of damages.

Here is a smart tip: If your buffet has shelves or drawers you should better remove them too. This way you reduce the furniture’s weight even more while preventing accidents, given that shelves or drawers tend to get removed during a transfer.

Furthermore, once you have your buffet empty you’ll have a good opportunity to do a thorough cleaning. Take advantage of your move to clan your buffet and its contents. Then you’ll be ready to wrap your buffet in order to protect it against scratches and damages while being transferred to its new position. As for the packing materials that you can use, you have a lot of choices. You can choose among tissues, paper, bubble wrap or even a towel. Nonetheless we believe that a moving blanket would be the best possible option. Wrap the buffet and secure with moving tape.

Here is another smart tip too: If your buffet has a glass front or glass doors place some pillows to fill the dead space and then secure the doors with moving tape.

Now you are ready for the transfer. Depending on the size of your buffet you can either slide and carry it or use a dolly/trolley to transfer it to the new location. Have some friends to help you and then carry slowly and carefully your buffet. If it is too heavy to be carried by hands rent or borrow a trolley/ dolly. Place the buffet on top of the dolly and secure with ropes or wall straps. Unpack only when the buffet is placed to its new position.


Having in mind the rips above your move will be as easy as possible. However, only professionals are able to guarantee an easy and most important safe move. Professional movers have not only great experience but also all the equipment needed in order to make a move fast and safe. Choose a reliable and cheap furniture removals company and get rid of stress and unnecessary effort.


Moving a Sofa Easily

Moving large and heavy items is not considered to be an easy task. A good plan and some friends to help you move are more than necessary. This article will give you some good advice of how to move your couch or sofa easily.

Today’s everyday life requires fast pace and flexible solutions in order for somebody to effectively cope with a difficult task, such as the transfer of a sofa. Undoubtedly, the best possible way to have your sofa transferred safely without having problems is to have it done by some professional movers to do the transfer for you. Nonetheless, in case you want to try it by yourself you will surely need a bit of guidance. Nobody wants there stuff to be damaged during a move, so great care should be taken in order to make sure that nothing will go wrong. To this point, you have to make a good and detailed plan of how to achieve a stress free and safe relocation. This is the reason why you will find the moving tips of this article helpful.


Sometimes making smaller or bigger changes or some kind of renewal in our homes can change completely a mood. Having a wall painted or moving the furniture to a new position would be enough to transform your house. This is a great way to feel creative and at the same time create a new love for your home. This is also what my friend Sam did with his home recently. My friend felt the need to turn his living room into a home-style den. He needed a place more warm and welcoming so he decided to buy some new paintings and decorative items and rearrange his furniture. When he had an impressive fireplace built in the middle of the room, he wanted his sofa to be placed right in front of it, to be able to have some relaxing moments near the burning woods of the fireplace. Here are some moving tips that could make a sofa move a breeze.


The biggest risk while moving a sofa is to keep its fabric clean, not to tear it. If there are narrow hallways or doors this can be rather difficult. However, having a complete plan of how to outdo these difficulties will make things simpler. First of all you have to make sure that your sofa won’t get damaged during the move. You should have it packed up with a lot of tissue paper or most preferably moving blankets in order to protect its surfaces against dirt and damage.

Use a lot of moving tape to keep your packing materials in place. Remember to remove the sofa’s cushions and if possible the legs. This will make the transfer through narrow passages easier. You can also put the cushions into plastic bags in order to keep them clean. In addition mind to keep the legs together in a pouch to make sure that you won’t lose them. Before transferring you have to measure the dimensions of the sofa and equally those of the hallways or doors through which the sofa will pass. This way you will be able to find out whether or not your sofa can be moved easily through your hallways or doors, or if you have to make further preparation. Measure the width of your sofa and the height of its back and compare it with the door’s width. If your sofa’s dimensions are bigger it will not pass through the door.

Therefore, there is another alternative solution measure the sofa’s length and compare it with the door’s height. If the sofa’s dimensions are not longer than the door’s you can pass the sofa through it upright, placing the sofa’s side at the bottom. In case that the sofa’s length is bigger than the door’s height you will have to be patient. Have two strong people to carry the sofa, one at each end. Move the sofa slowly keeping it on the side and having the seats facing inside. Be effective, if needed move gradually the sofa’s front end left or right, depending on the space you have available and lead the other person to follow your route. This way your sofa will pass through the door easily. In case you have to negotiate stairs, have some friends to help you and carry the furniture down slowly one step after another.

You can do alike if you have to climb up stairs too. If you have to haul the sofa on the floor remember to have it cleaned in order to reduce friction. Use some sliders if your sofa is too heavy and you will save effort. You can find them easily in the market in low prices. Finally, if your sofa is too heavy to be moved you can address the manufacturer and ask for advice of how to disassemble the sofa. This way you can carry each piece separately but considering that this is a very difficult task for an amateur it is possible that you make mistakes and cause permanent damage.


Following this plan you will be able to move your sofa easily. However, there is always the option of a professional moving company that would be able to move your sofa quickly and safely. Then you would save both a lot of time and unnecessary effort too.


Move your Piano Easily

Moving a piano seems to be difficult but things get easier if you know how to achieve a smooth move. Here are some useful moving tips that will make your piano move as smooth as possible.

Music plays an essential role in human’s life. It makes people calm down and relax. Especially the gentle sound of a piano raises sweet emotions and makes people well being. This is the reason why many people have a piano at their homes. Even if they don’t know to play the piano some people have one in their possession as this instrument is also a wonderful piece of furniture. However, moving a piano may be a brainteaser if you don’t know how to do it right. A piano movers can make the transfer of a piano a breeze. Considering that a piano is very delicate to be moved by amateurs you should better hire professional movers to help you, but if there is no other way you will find the moving tips of this article extremely useful.


Being a musician my wife loves pianos. Last year I decided to buy one for her birthday and she was amazed to see a beautiful large upright piano in our bedroom. However, she thought that it would be better if we moved our piano in the living room. This transfer was a difficult one as the piano is too heavy to be moved. Moreover, upright pianos have a high back that usually tops out at 60 inches making it even more difficult to be moved. Nonetheless, having a good idea of how to cope with piano move makes things easier. Here are some useful piano moving techniques that will help you make it through with a piano move.


There are different kinds of pianos, upright pianos are noticed for their high backs and grand pianos are distinguished for their length. Under no circumstances moving a piano requires both knowledge and a lot of responsibility. This is what you should do while mobbing a piano. First of all, you may know that many pianos have metal casters so it seems that it would be easy to be transferred rolling them around. However, this is not the safest way to move a piano as the casters are usually decorative. They can only move the piano a few meters and they are not recommended for a piano move. Moreover, usually casters tend to deteriorate especially when the piano sits in one place for a long time. If you try to roll around the piano there is also another risk. In case that the casters don’t function properly they can cause the legs to break. Thus you should find another way to transfer it. Considering that a piano is too heavy to be carried, using a four wheeled dolly would reduce its weight to nothing. Rent a piano dolly and place your piano carefully on its side. Use ropes in order to balance and secure the piano on the dolly. This way you will be able to transfer the piano without the risk of a fall that would be disastrous for this valuable instrument. Have as many people as you can to help you in order to make sure that your piano won’t suffer damage. For a better secure, use packing materials to cover the piano. Bubble wrap, movers’ blankets, tissues and paper are easy to be found in market and they can protect the piano from scratches. Use enough plastic tape in order to tighten the padding. This way your piano will be properly secured. Last but not least, keep in mind that making slow and careful moves reduces the chances of an accident. Have at least five people to help you. They need to hold the piano in balance during the transfer. Transfer the dolly slowly from one place to another and carefully remove it from the dolly. Following this plan your piano move will be done without problems.


The moving tips above will help you move a piano easily. However there is always the option of a Piano Moving company that will surely meet your needs and transfer your piano fast and safely. Professionals are well trained and experienced enough to make a piano move a breeze. They will also help you save time and effort while reducing the chances of damages. Take into account all the options available and make the right decision for making your piano move easier.

move a kitchen islands

Moving a Kitchen Island

Moving can be enjoyable if you know how to do it right. Moving a kitchen island would be a brainteaser if you didn’t have an idea of how to make it easier. This article is to help you make the transfer of a kitchen island easier.

The kitchen is the room where people spend much of their time preparing their meals and having some relaxing moments with their loved ones. A kitchen should be well organized roomy and functional. To this point a kitchen island is extremely useful as it provides an extra work surface and even extra storage. However, moving a kitchen island may be difficult as it is usually quite big and heavy. This article will give you some good ideas of how to treat a kitchen island while transferring in order to save unnecessary effort. This way you can also reduce the chances of making mistakes and cause damage during the transfer.


Moving is difficult but moving a kitchen island is even more difficult. A kitchen island is not just a piece of furniture it is a part of the house. This is the reason why it needs extra care. The size and weight of the kitchen island is usually another factor that makes the transfer even more difficult. Therefore, having moved my kitchen island on my own, I can give you an idea of how to overcome the difficulties while moving such an item. Having an idea of the problems you may come across while moving a kitchen island and having a good plan of how to cope with such relocation will help you make your move a breeze.


First of all, before you move your kitchen island you have to check some issues. In case your kitchen island contains a sink or a cook top you have to make sure that you have disconnected all cables and plumbing lines. If you do not want to cause damages you should better have a professional to do the disconnection for you. More so, kitchen islands are usually secured to the floor making it impossible to move. Thus, before you move your kitchen island you should check whether or not it is secured to the floor. In case the kitchen island is secured you should carefully remove the doors using a screwdriver in order to be able to see the frame at the bottom. Remove the screws of the frame in order to separate the kitchen island from the floor. Doing so you will be able to remove the kitchen island easily. Remember to make gentle movements so as not to hurt the wood. Furthermore, you have to consider the transfer as a kitchen island is usually too heavy making it difficult to move. You should better remove all the items that are stored or placed on the kitchen island. This way the furniture will be lighter and also the items stored on or in it won’t suffer damage during the transfer. You will need at least four or five people to help you move the kitchen island, but it is still difficult to carry a kitchen island by hands. If you want to move the furniture more easily you can rent a four wheeled trolley and transfer the kitchen island in it. Move the furniture on to the top of the trolley and use some moving ropes to secure it during the move. You can also do some packaging in order to minimize the risk of damage. Use tissues, papers or carton to wrap the surfaces of the kitchen island and hold the packaging together with moving tape. Finally, have two people holding the trolley stable while moving the kitchen island down. Place slowly and carefully the kitchen island to its new position and do the unpacking. Remember to have the professionals you need to do the gas or electrical connections if required.


The weight of a kitchen island makes it difficult to move, however having the equipment required and some people to help you, you can move your kitchen island easily. Nonetheless, only professional home movers have the suitable equipment and the experience needed to guarantee that every little detail of this difficult move will be carried to the most.

Move a Flat-Screen TV

Move A Flat Screen TV

Move a Flat Screen TV or a LCD TV’s may be difficult considering their weight and the fact they are extremely fragile. However, things get easier if you have a good plan of what to do. This article will help you cope with a flat screen TV move.

If you are relocating there are surely many things you should settle. One of the most important concerns of the people that are moving is to achieve to transfer their possessions without causing any sort of damage. The risk is even bigger if you have to move heavy and fragile items, namely a flat screen TV. However, having a good idea of how to make your move smoother will really make things easier. Moving a flat screen TV requires both a lot of patience and great care in order to make sure that this extra fragile and expensive electronic component will be transferred and placed to a new position without any problems. To this point the following moving tips will help you make your move as smooth as possible.


Having a family means that you must always adapt your circumstances to your family’s needs. This is the reason why a few weeks ago I decided to move move a flat screen TV from the office to the living room. My children spend a lot of their leisure time in front of the screen watching educational emissions and as our living room is the place where the whole family usually meets, I decided to place my big plasma TV there. However, moving a flat screen TV is not a simple and easy task. A careful plan is more than necessary in order to minimize the risk of damage. Even the smallest bruise or abrasion can cause permanent damage thus the TV should be properly packaged and moved slowly and carefully. Here are some of the moving tips that helped me move my plasma TV easily.

Move a Flat Screen TV (step by step)

First of all you have to think of the packing up of your TV. This step is very important as it will help you prevent the TV from scratching during the relocation. The best possible option is to use the original packing materials in which your TV came. In case you don’t have the original packaging you can buy the materials you need, as they are quite cheap and easy to find. All you need to do is buy some moving blankets, or bubble wrap, or a roomy carton.

You can also use thick tissues or every material you think that will keep the screen secured. Measure the TV and use enough of your packing materials to cover it. Moreover, you should use a lot of moving tape in order to secure the packaging during the transfer. In case you take a carton to move the TV inside you should better place some Styrofoam at the four corners and the screen, this will make the transfer even safer.

Furthermore, you will need at least two people to carry the television. Measure the doors and hallways In order to make sure that you have enough space to pass the television through. Before you move the TV, make sure that you have unplugged the power core and that you have disconnected all the cables. Remember not to place anything on the screen because it can be easily scratched.

In addition, always remember to keep the television in an upright position because having a plasma TV on its side for more than 2 hours can have a negative effect on its function. Thus, while moving do not slide the television unless it is absolutely necessary. If it is necessary to lay the TV flat, the screen should face upward, as the weight of the internal components can put pressure to the screen and damage it if it faces downward.

Move the TV slowly to the new position and unpack carefully. If you are moving to a new home, make sure that your car or the truck you have rented has enough space to place the TV inside. Have one person to hold the television in an upright position during the transfer and check to make sure that there are no pointed objects near the television.

Remember to drive slowly and carefully avoiding rough patches. Finally, keep in mind that a flat screen television should not be exposed to moisture, direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, so if you are going to take the TV out of the house check the weather conditions.


Being aware of the special treatment that a flat screen TV needs during the transfer will help us find the safest way to relocate our TV. However hiring professional movers will make the transfer even easier. This is the only option that can guarantee that the TV will be transferred safely and it won’t suffer damage. Make your choice and move your television as easy as possible.

pool table moving tips

Pool Table Moving Tips

To relocate your pool table one of the points is to have a vehicle professionally set up to do this job. We believe we have set up our trucks as efficient as possible. One of the more important things to move your pool table safely is the way your vehicle is set up. We believe we have set up our trucks efficiently as it makes the move easier and safer as possible.

The best part about owning a Billiard table is all the fun and entertainment they bring, but with that comes the worry about something happening to them. This is especially the case if you have to move them to a different location. There’s the worry of it getting the slightest bump or scratch, or even worse the felt getting torn. At Quick Pick Movers we make sure all your concerns are addressed, because we are experts in moving! We have the experience, knowledge and the equipment to handle the job, and have mastered the art of moving. These tables are beautifully crafted and we understand they require special care.

We love helping you organize your move and ensure we do it with ease. We make sure we have listened to what it is you want, because every customers needs are important. From the moment we arrive, we check the table thoroughly, before we begin to dismantle it. This requires care and attention to ensure it is done correctly. Firstly the legs are individually removed and set aside, and then the table is stood upright. We have special trolleys, which we use to move these pieces to the truck. These trolleys are designed for heavy lifting so they help to move the table to the truck with ease. Our trucks are fitted with hydraulic lifts, so the table is easily maneuver and lifted onto the truck easily, ensuring the safety of your table. Your table never touches the ground which is so important when it comes to protecting it from getting damaged. Once on the truck, the table and legs are all separately wrapped in a special thick protective covering, and then all pieces are securely positioned for minimal movement. They are then carefully transported to their new destination.

Once we arrive, we begin to unload the table and the same procedure is used, to take all the care necessary, to move it off the truck. Using the hydraulic lift, and the moving trolleys, it is taken to its new home. In its new home, we carefully reassemble the table exactly the way it was. Our customers are so relieved to know we’ve taken care of all aspects of moving these heavy tables, as they can be quite bulky and awkward to move. Having the freedom at this time, to be able to get on with other important things you need to do at this time helps you get your moving done faster and more efficiently. It’s such a relief when it’s all done and over and the most important thing at this time is that you know everything to do with you moving especially the larger and heavier items have been done for you, leaving you free to attend to other important aspects of your moving.


Relocating a Gazebo

A gazebo seems like the best idea in the world, until it comes time to relocate it. A gazebo move is never going to be an easy task, especially if you are taking the challenge on without the assistance of professionals. This article is created to help you find all the required information on how to achieve a smooth move.

What could provide you with hours of entertainment and create better ambiance in your yard more than a gazebo? An all-year-round treat for the whole family where you can dream away your stress, enjoy social time with friends or family or wind down after a long day with a book and a coffee. Gazebos add elegance to any garden and create a picturesque image seemingly straight out of a fairy-tale, however that fairy-tale can quickly turn into a nightmare when the time comes to relocate your gazebo and the reality of the puzzling job before you settles in.

Relocations of any sort are tiring and physical but when it comes to a relocation of this proportion it can prove risky, uncertain and even dangerous so it is highly recommended to have the suitable assistance when taking on this job. It is a MUST to have a detailed plan of attack of what to do and how to keep safe if you are about to try for yourself.


There are many reasons you may want to relocate your gazebo, but only a few ways this can be possible. You may have just bought a new home with a gazebo and want to shift it to a more preferable place in the garden, or you’re moving a gazebo to your new residence… either way there is no way it will be an easy job. Regardless whether you are moving the gazebo just a few feet in the garden or transporting it to a whole new suburb the risk always remains great purely based on the weight and bulkiness of the item, creating risk of causing permanent damage to the gazebo, or worst, yourself. Your first concern should be to guarantee yourself a safe move through careful planning and preparation.

You have two options when moving a gazebo, depending on the most suitable option you will be moving the gazebo either in one whole piece, or dismantled and broken down into sections. If you want it moved in one piece you have a few options, the easiest but obviously more expensive choice is to call a crane company to have a look and see if they can access the gazebo, alternatively if it’s a DIY job it is still possible! First dig around the base of the gazebo creating an access point where you can place a car jack near the base of the gazebo and jack it up out of its position. If possible you can always jack the base up and place logs under it to roll it if you are just moving it a few feet. If you are dismantling the gazebo always start from the top and work your way down. Begin at the top releasing the roof and work your way down the frame or pillars and finally the base. Once the base is left you will be able to car jack up the base and trolley it to its new destination or to the truck to relocate it.

If you have now dismantled your gazebo all the hard work is done, all you need to do now is individually wrap sections and clearly label them making reassembly a breeze! All you have to do now is walk them to their new location or the truck, load them accordingly and then follow the same procedure to put your gazebo back together.

How to Move a Cubbyhouse Easily

Playground equipment is often far too bulky and heavy to be moved without assistance. Having the right helping hands however will make this task a breeze, this article is created to help you move a cubbyhouse effectively and safely.

For many, some of the best childhood memories are created while playing in a cubbyhouse, so over time parents logically tend to choose one for their yard. Childhood is a world of unlimited imagination and games and a cubbyhouse is a workshop of dreams for children, representing their wild and wonderful microcosm. Yet when your children grow into adults and no longer need their cubbyhouse, or you may be moving house, the time may come to move your cubbyhouse and the transfer of an item as such can prove to be very difficult.

Cubbyhouses are usually too awkward and heavy to move making the job seem all too hard, on the other hand it is always worth finding a way possible to move it without breaking the bank, or your back, not only because its great value but its sentimental value too.

If choosing to accept this daunting task undoubtedly you are undertaking a demanding and difficult move, nonetheless, having a solid plan of how to overcome difficulties will make your move safer, easier and an overall a success.

Quick Pick Movers produced this article to give you all the information needed to make your move easier.


The range of difficulty of such a move depends on different factors; the type of playhouse, its dimensions and how and where you want to move it. Given that there are different materials used on cubbyhouses such as wood or plastic, this will factor into how to move your particular cubbyhouse. Plastic cubbyhouse, being much lighter than wooden ones and most resistant to weather changes, are the most frequent choice for parents when buying a cubbyhouse as they are much easier to move as and being plastic, usually come apart for easy storage and transfer.

If you’re looking to move a plastic cubbyhouse just around the backyard, you could call on a few helpful friends to move it by hands, however if your relocating the cubbyhouse to your new home its best to break it down making loading and transporting an easy job. If you are taking this challenge on yourself it is always recommended if possible to follow the manufactures instructions to dismantle the cubby house into sections In case you don’t have a copy of the instructions, it is recommended to start from the top and work your way down, wrapping the pieces in packaging materials in order to protect them from breaking and scratching, you could use bubble-wrap, newspapers, towels or even old bed sheets to wrap the pieces, secure them with tape and clearly label them and pack them away into boxes or large plastic bags, making the efforts of reassembling your cubby house much easier and quicker.

On the other hand, moving a wooden cubbyhouse will prove much more complicated, not only much heavier but more often than not wooden cubbyhouses are built into the ground, making the transfer notably harder and quite often all seems too hard. But it is always worth a try! If your cubbyhouse is built in your first challenge will be the release, use garden tools such as shovel, hoe, or pick axe to carefully dig around the base of the cubbyhouse in order to let the cubbyhouse lift up.

At this point your wooden cubbyhouse is ready to be transported to its new location. Depending on the weight of your cubbyhouse, you will need the appropriate equipment to allow you to move such a large item. For smaller cubby’s, you can usually use a flat trolley to shift the item, other cubbyhouses will require you to rent a crane to move it. ALWAYS use straps to secure your cubby house in this position on the crane or trolley and make sure it will stay secure throughout the whole procedure. Unless you have the qualifications, experience and are confident craning your own cubbyhouse, it is recommended to hire a reliable company to safely crane your cubbyhouse to smoothly and carefully manoeuvre the cubbyhouse into the truck.

Understandably many families and individuals find this task tiring and all too difficult; in this case it is best to call on a professional removalist company to complete the job for you. Not only will the cubbyhouse be moved quickly, safely and easily but you can save yourself the stress of taking on such a job and also save money as they provide all necessary tools to complete the task.

Swing Set

How To Easily Move A Swing Set By Yourselves

In the case of a move, trying to relocate a swing set by yourself may sound crazy however following some simple and easy steps the whole thing gets pretty achievable. This article is to help you make your swing set move a breeze.

By purchasing a swing set you give our little friends a superb gift as well as a great opportunity to create a lovely place where they can canalize their energy and have fun. Be sure that children will go wild with this part of the yard where you are going to build the swing set, their own personal playing oasis. Once the time for a move comes you have to make a great decision, either leave your minors’ loved playing nook to the new owners or take it with you to your new residence.

Undoubtedly, the second choice is harder as it is the one that requires a lot of effort however taking into account the cost for purchasing a new swing set and comparing it with that of a move your decision may be easier. What is more people usually get sentimentally connected to their possessions making it difficult for them to give them away or leave them behind. If this is your case then you will need a short of guidance in order to make the transfer of your swing set to the new house easier. To this point Melbourne Cheap Movers are here to help you giving you smart tips that will help you achieve the most of your move.


There are different types of swing sets; some are made out of wood and others of metal. Swing set sizes vary too. Whatever your circumstances, there is no way out when it comes to moving than to disassemble your swing set. The thing is that people usually know what to do, however they actually don’t know how to do it right. The key for an easy swing set relocation is having a good plan. People get trapped not only while in transit because they negotiate huge and heavy pieces but also once the move is over and the time for reassembling comes.

Thus, first and foremost thorough preparation is needed in order to prevent getting puzzled and achieve a smooth and trouble free move. Before you start disassembling your swing set it is worth taking some photos in order to help yourselves make the reassembling easier as well. Be mindful to take enough photos from different sides in order to have all aspects of your swing set available while reassembling. In addition, you can take some notes too if you feel that there are difficult combinations that you may not remember later. This procedure will help you avoid problems and mistakes and save time and great effort.


Start disassembling your swing set releasing one piece after another starting from the top. Be mindful to have enough people to help you keep the swing set stable while you are working on it and also hold and carry the heavy pieces that you remove. Make sure to wrap the fragile accessories or other components with packing material and place any screws and bolts in boxes together so you do not lose them. What is more, this is a great chance to see if your swing set remains safe enough for your children. Carefully examine each part that you decompose and see if there is deterioration caused from weather conditions and use or other wear and tear. Keep the destroyed pieces as sample. This will help you find the new ones more easily. Move all pieces to the new location and use your notes and pictures to make the reassembling easier. However if you still find the reassembling difficult address the manufacturers or consult the local swing set seller.


If you want to get rid of all stress and toil of a move of this kind you can hire professional movers that specialize in these items. These people have all the equipment needed to guarantee that your swing set will be transferred safely to the new location and also will help you save a lot of time and effort trying to disassemble and reassemble your swing set. This option is a cost effective choice too. Quick Pick Movers with two men and a truck will be there to help you wherever you want and the time that you want providing high moving services in a low cost compared with what you would have to pay to purchase a new swing set. The choice is yours.