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At Quick Pick Movers, our experienced movers have been providing removal services in Briar Hill for over a decade. We are an Australian moving company moving residents of Briar Hill. We offer four main types of moving services, starting off with furniture removals for home and offices in Briar Hill. Then we offer a labour-hire service, which requires two removalists when a moving truck is not required. Our third option is a pool table removal service which requires, balls, queues, lighting and any other related accessories. Lastly, we are piano movers, who guarantee the safe transport of your piano. We pride ourselves on providing value to our clients. We understand that moving day can be stressful, but when you move with us, we guarantee it will be a Stress-Free Move.

Furniture Removalists Briar Hill

You can be rest assured, that your home furniture is in safe hands with our Briar Hill moving team. We have been moving residents of Briar Hill since inception. All our movers carry tools, so they can assist you with dismantling and assembly at no extra cost. No matter if you are moving into or out of Briar Hill, Quick Pick Movers are the best choice for the safe relocation of your furniture.

Pool Table Removals Briar Hill

If you need a pool table removal in Briar Hill, then look no further than our movers. We have over a decade of experience moving pool tables in and around Briar Hill. All our moving trucks are fitted with hydraulic lifts to ensure the safe transport of your pool table. We specialise in moving single and double slate pool tables with a size range of 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and up to 9ft pool tables.

Piano Movers Briar Hill

Fully insured piano movers at your service. We have been moving piano’s in Briar Hill for many years. Our men are specifically trained to move a piano, to avoid the need for a retune. We utilise the latest piano dolly equipment to safely move your piano. We can move all different types of piano’s in Briar Hill from upright pianos, organs, pianolas and even grand pianos.

Cheap Removalists Briar Hill

No one wants to pay more for a move than they have to in Briar Hill. If you want cheap removalists in Briar Hill then look no further for a quality move that will cost you less. We have many ways to save you money, for example, we charge our increments per quarter-hour, not per hour offering a potential saving of 75% on any additional time required. Our moving trucks are purpose-built for removals and that makes your move faster and cheaper. There are no hidden costs, so the price you are quoted is the price you pay. We do not charge any additional charges such as callouts, return fees or fuel levy. All our quotes already require GST, so you won't find any sneaky pricing tactics with us. What we offer is cheap removals in Briar Hill period.

Man With A Van Briar Hill

If you just need a small move or single item moved to or from Briar Hill, our Man With A Van service in Briar Hill is unbeatable. Starting from $99 including GST we can offer one man with a van. If you need two men with a van, then get an instant moving quotenow. Our 3-tonne moving van can handle up to 12m3 of furniture, which is enough for a studio apartment, moving a couch, an 8 seat table and chairs or even a small self-storage cage. The only item we recommend not using this vehicle for is a full height or double door fridge as height limitations are an issue.

Office Movers Briar Hill

There is a lot of commercial activity in Briar Hill. Often during the year, many businesses find themselves in the need of office movers in Briar Hill. We can pack, move and unpack the office if you need us to. We can supply boxes, assist with disconnecting and reconnecting your computers, monitors, mice, keyboards and printers. If you have partitions and connected desks, we are able to disassemble and reassemble your office partitions and desks. We even move on Saturdays, so we can move your entire office over the weekend and it can be ready for your staff when they return on Monday. If your workplace is trialling working from home in Briar Hill, we can pack, dismantle and store your office furniture on a month to month basis.

Briar Hill, Victoria

Briar Hill is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 18 km north-east from Melbourne's Central Business District. Its local government area is the City of Banyule. At the 2016 Census, Briar Hill had a population of 3,152. Wikipedia

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The movers were easy to deal with, arrived on time and were really efficient.
Corey - July 01, 2020

The removalists are friendly and helpful. The job was done very quickly.
Kylie - March 28, 2020


Depending on your needs, you need to book movers well in advance or maybe at short notice. Here is a helpful list of questions to ask yourself :

Do I have a set date and time in mind?
Do I need to reserve a lift for moving in or out of a building?
Do I have to legally settle on the purchase or sale of a property and what time is this taking place?
Is my moving date and time confirmed or is it possible it will change?
Am I moving during peak moving season (summer) or off-peak (winter)?
Is my move a small move of a few hours or a large full-day move?
Are there multiple pick-ups or drop-offs involved and multiple people who need to be available on the same date?

As you can see different needs require different notice periods. Next, we can break down each different scenario:

If you have a set date and time, then you should ideally book six weeks to a month in advance.
If you need to reserve a lift, we recommend you book the lift for the first morning available and then call the movers and book them in the morning. Eight to six weeks is recommended.
If you are settling on the purchase or sale of your property confirm a date and time with your solicitor and try to organise the earliest possible time to settle. Book your removalists in for a morning move at least four weeks in advance.
If you are unsure of your moving date or it could change then wait until this is confirmed so you don't risk losing your deposit or trying to reschedule and find the new date is not available. In this example, you just need to call and try your best as soon as you have a guaranteed time and date.
If moving during peak moving season (summer), we recommend you provide six to four weeks notice. If you are moving during off-peak (winter), we recommend four to two weeks.
If you have a small move then two weeks should be enough time in general. If you have a large move try to book your move at least four weeks in advance
If you have multiple addresses or people you need to co-ordinate with, make sure you speak to all of them before calling to book and aim for a suitable time to everyone with a months notice

Each day in removals is different. Some times you get previous day cancellations, some times you book out two weeks in advance. My main advice would be call and book in as soon as you have all your details confirmed.

As I am sure you are aware, there are many different factors that can change the cost of your move. Below are some of the most common price changing variables moving home in Melbourne:

How many bedrooms or people live in the home?
How close can the truck get to your pickup or delivery address?
Are there any flights of stairs or steps?
Do you require dismantling and reassembly?
Is there any height, width or length limitations for the truck?
What is the travel time between your pick up and delivery?
What weather is expected on the day of your move?
Will you have two, three or four men doing the job?
How many trucks will you need to move your home?
Is the removalist taking all the items or just the large furniture?

The above questions will help you determine the cost of your move-in Melbourne. The cost is accumulative so start with the base cost and then add on as per your own home environment:

The base cost of a move will be determined by how much furniture is coming. A studio apartment is generally 12m3 and would take about an hour to move. A removal job for a one-bedroom home is generally 26m3 and would take roughly two hours. A two-bedroom home is 39m3 and moving it takes about three hours. 44m3 is the size of the average three-bedroom home in Melbourne and over the past decade of moving it has taken on average 4 hours. Larger homes such as a 4-bedroom home generally take 5 hours to move and are 53m3 overall.
The closer the truck can park to your pickup address and your delivery address the lower the cost of your move. The less walking the movers need to make to and from the truck results in a lower overall cost. If you have a longer walk to the truck then allow a budget 30 to 60 minutes extra.
Stairs and steps slow down the movers as extra time is taken and extra caution needs to be allowed to ensure a damage free-move. Based on previous moves, we would allow for an hour per flight of stairs per address.
Some clients want a full service while other clients want a budget service. Our moving teams have a full set of tools and allocate an extra 15 to 30 minutes for the VIP treatment. If you want to save yourself money and have the know-how and tools required to disassemble and reassemble your furniture then this is your best option.
Some clients want a full service while other clients want a budget service. Our moving teams have a full set of tools and allocate an extra 15 to 30 minutes for the VIP treatment. If you want to save yourself money and have the know-how and tools required to disassemble and reassemble your furniture then this is your best option.
If you go to google maps and type your pickup address travel to your delivery address you can quickly work out the estimated travel costs on your job. Remember that a truck can only go maximum 100km/hr in Melbourne and Victoria. The truck also is not allowed on some roads due to height, weight and length limitations. A fully loaded removals truck will always travel slower than a car.
Weather does influence the time taken and thus the cost of your move. If there is high wind or rain, we can not load the tailgate of the truck as this would damage your furniture, this slows down the loading and unloading of the truck and can add one to two hours to a large move or 15 to 30 minutes for a small move.
If you have settlement requirements you might consider using three men on the job. This will generally cost you the same as two men (overall moving cost), but the move will be done much quicker. On average a 3rd man can halve the bill on a large difficult move and save you 33% of the time on an easy small to medium-sized move.
If you have lots of travel and lots of furniture on your job. An example would be a 5 bedroom home with two living areas or a 4 bedroom home with lots of outdoor plants and furniture, then it will be beneficial to have two trucks and four men. This way you don’t pay for a return trip. It’s the smart thing to do for Melbourne to regional Victoria moves and vice versa.
Some clients move all the small items themselves, anything that can fit in a car or a ute and ask removalists to move just the big furniture. Depending on how much outdoor, small items, boxes and furniture you have this can save you 15 to 30 minutes for a small move and one to two hours on a large move.

I hope the above explanation has been of assistance and that it has allowed you to find out how much removalists cost in Melbourne. We also offer an on our website should you need it.

With over a decade of moving experience, I would like to share with you some helpful tips of what you should and should not do when moving:

Never water your pot plants the morning of the move or the day before the move. When we load the truck with your pot plants water and wet soil can leak and ruin your furniture and also require the truck to be cleaned for the next clients move.
Don’t use boxes of different sizes if you can help it. If every box is a different size, it takes longer to stack in the truck and will cost you more to move.
Don’t leave packing to the last minute. The less loose items we need to move the more time it will take and the greater the cost. Loose items also suffer more from damage in transit than packed items.
Make sure all skip bins and items are not blocking your driveway, as we will not be able to move them or get the truck into the drive, which will result in a longer move.
Please don’t put all items in one room or consolidate them. When packing the truck securely and efficiently we need to see all items and be able to get to individual items..
Don’t defrost your fridge and freezer on the day as this will cause your food to spoil and potentially have water on your furniture.
Unpack all your furniture. This makes it lighter to lift and also prevents items from falling out or causing damage when the truck is in motion..
Try not to leave boxes overloaded or open. If a box is open it becomes hard to stack and pack and items could fall out, get lost or become damaged.
Never load the truck or get into the truck. You can help bring things to the truck but legally you are not insured inside the truck or on the tailgate.

Above are general pointers for the common mistakes people make when moving. Below are some of the professional tips, that ensure you have a safe, cost-effective and damage-free move:

Let your plants dry out for a week in winter or two days in summer so they don’t die during transport or leak moisture.
Try to get boxes of the same size or two sizes at most. We recommend using tea-chest boxes for larger lighter items or book/crystal boxes for smaller heavier items.
Complete your packing the night before, all items should be ready to go before you go to sleep.
Label the boxes (write on the tape, not on the box – reuse the boxes!) with numbers and letters. As an example, if you have a child called Adam label boxes A1, A2..etc. The kitchen would be K1, K2, etc. Then have a spreadsheet or paper with what's inside each one. An Example would be K1 – Plates and Cups.
Label each room at pickup and delivery with a letter, A for Adam room K for Kitchen. The movers can now unload the truck faster as they don’t need to ask you where you want the boxes, as they already know.
Move your cars out of the driveway before the movers arrive and if you have issues with parking, use as many cars as you have in your home to block space so the truck can park as close to your home as possible.
Please, if it’s a hot day, run the aircon, the movers will appreciate it greatly. Try not to run the heater, as the men are working hard and fast and the heat makes them even warmer.
When you book in, let the movers know if you had any site issues or furniture issues last time you move, so they can plan to overcome these before they come.
Check reviews from as many websites as possible. If you see a common complaint arise it's probably true. No one is perfect but you don’t want to choose any mover that can’t learn from previous mistakes.
If you wish to be hospitable and offer food and drinks to the men, please provide the food and drinks between your pickup and delivery. This way, the men will be able to have a drink, while they drive from your pickup to your delivery.

Using the above two lists of what not to do and what to do when moving, should make your moving cost-effective, damage-free and stress-free experience.