Selecting the Right Corporate Removalist

4 Tips to Selecting the Right Corporate Removalist

Removalist companies are a dime a dozen and with so many available options out on the market it is difficult to know which company to choose or even what to look for in a professional corporate removalist.

Picking the right removalist is vital to the success of a corporate move. Not only does it need to be done efficiently and at a reasonable price, but it needs real professionals to ensure that your business contents arrive safe and sound. You have to have real faith in a company to know that they can perform a corporate move without delays that could cause serious problems to your business.

So what should you look for in a high calibre corporate removalist? Here are four tips on how to find the right partner for your move:

Look for Removalist Companies with good reviews

Word of mouth and the opinion of others who have gone through the same process that you have are some of the most worthwhile measures for how good a removalist company is. Taking some time and reading through the testimonials of previous clients is a great way to gage whether the removalist in question is reliable and has the experience you need. Looking for high ratings in places like Google Reviews is a great place to start.

Make sure that they hold insurance to cover the move

One of the most important things to look for when planning a corporate move is to check whether your chosen removalist has insurance to cover the move. While any good removalist will use all their experience to ensure that your goods arrive safety, insurance is still vital for mitigating the risk of anything becoming damaged or broken in transit.

Look at their experience and make sure they can handle corporate removalist needs

Not all removalist companies have the same experience or capacity. Before choosing a removalist it is important to check whether they have the size and ability to move your furniture and office equipment quickly and effectively. Look for whether they have 6 or 8 tonne trucks in their fleet to give you the space you need for a quick move without the delays of multiple trips.

Offices also often come with complex IT systems, so finding a partner with experience in dealing with packing up and moving delicate IT systems, cables and infrastructure is vital to most corporate moves.

Make sure that you ask for a quote 

Asking for a quote is a fantastic opportunity to feel out the removalist company. Not only will you be able to compare prices and learn how much the move might cost but you can also get to know the company a little better.

A good removalist company will give you a clear, accurate quote that clearly outlines exactly how much you will expect to pay for your move. They should also be quick at responding and provide clear, useful answers to your enquiries.

moving to victoria

Checklist for Moving from Melbourne to the Country

So you’ve finally decided to leave behind the stress, pollution and noise of the city for a more peaceful life out in the countryside, but where do you start? Relocating is always a tricky endeavour that takes quite a bit of coordination and help from friends and family. This is made doubly so by the distances between Melbourne and the countryside, meaning that any move between the two will really need a well thought out plan and plenty of organisation.

To help you do this we have compiled a simple checklist of the most important things you need to think about when organising your relocation.

Planning your move

This is perhaps the step that most people gloss over when moving house. Planning is really vital to get everything right, and everything there, on time.

  • Create a schedule. Perhaps the first thing that you need to do is set a moving date, write up exactly what steps you will take and when you will do them. A good milestone is to begin your preparations four to six week out from the moving date so that you have time to get everything done without the stress.
  • Book a removalist. While some moves can be DIY, moving to the countryside can be a little trickier. If you don’t have a big enough truck it could set you back hours of driving between Melbourne and your new home. A professional can help you save time and complete the move safely.
  • Inform your job. Whether you will be starting a new job in the countryside or continuing with your old one it is important to plan whether you need to take time off and let everyone know when you will be unavailable.

Documentation and transfers:

Moving takes a lot of paperwork, some of the things you need to think of are:

  • Government bodies. You need to change your address and notify the electoral office, RTA, car registration and bank.
  • Make sure that you take out home and contents insurance on your new property.
  • Subscriptions and mail. Make sure to cancel and redirect any subscriptions, including internet and phone services.
  • Transfer schools. If you have kids it is also important to inform their school and begin transfer to their new one.

Packing and preparation:

  • Plan your space. Make sure that you go to your new house and measure the entrances to ensure that your furniture can fit through the doors or windows. It is also important to decide where everything is going to go beforehand to avoid confusion on the day.
  • Set up a staging area. Start packing before your move and store things in an easily accessible staging area in your home, so that you can get things out quickly on the day.
  • Clearly label everything. Best to do this by room and the contents of the box. Also have a separate box for things that you need to have on hand on your first day in your new house like food, toiletries and clothes.

Moving day

  • Have someone in your new home. Someone should go up early and be ready to direct the movers to the correct rooms, while another should stay back at the old house to ensure that everything is taken in good order.
  • Clean the house. Make sure the old house is clean, all doors locked and hot water turned off as you leave.
  • Check that everything is working well in your new home. Make sure to check all the amenities, like internet, hot water and electricity, to make sure that your new home is ready for living.
Packing Tips

Packing Tips to Ensure Your Valuables are Protected When Planning a Move

Protecting your valuables during a move is a fine art. It takes foresight and a bit of planning but is definitely worth everything arriving safely to your new home. Here are some expert packing tips to ensure that your relocation is a successful one.

Wrapping your valuables is your best friend. This one is so obvious that it might not need to be on this list. You should wrap your valuables in bubble wrap or protective plastic to save them from being chipped or dented. If you don’t want to pay for the materials then use old newspapers or even towels.

Stuff hollow items with paper. Use brown paper, magazines or newspapers to fill in the spaces of valuable vases, cups or ornaments before wrapping them in a protective layer. This should help resist breaking under accidental pressure.

Put fragile items at the top of the box. Anything that you think might break should be put at the top of the box with softer materials like sheets, bedding or clothes underneath. Also make sure to label boxes clearly with “this side up” to guarantee that they won’t be accidentally flipped over in the move.

Use specialty boxes for your electronics. Using the original boxes that your computer or television came in usually works best. However if you threw them away to save some space you can buy specialty boxes designed to keep your electronics safe in transit.

Use luggage to pack clothes. While most clothing can be left in drawers for the move, use your luggage to pack anything that might be a little more fragile, after all your suitcases were designed to store clothes.

Use strong boxes for heavy items. For heavier items like artwork, dishes or books make sure that you use the most durable boxes you can find and use duct tape to secure them closed.

Labelling your goods will minimise how often things are moved around. Moving things around too much is the easiest way for things to get damaged in a relocation. By labelling everything clearly with whether they are fragile, what is inside and where it should go will minimise the amount of handling the goods undergo and means that everything needs to be picked up and put down only once.

Make sure that everyone pitches in. While this might not be as obvious as the other items on this list, one person doing everything by themselves means that they tire easier and might begin to miss things. Making sure that it’s all hands on deck means that all work is shared and no one gets tired enough to start dropping valuables.

Create a list. While it won’t necessarily protect your goods from being damaged it will make it easier to ensure that nothing is lost or forgotten in the move. Having a list and ticking off everything important that is successfully relocated will give you peace of mind that you have everything you need in your new home.

Office relocation

Office Moving and Relocation Check-List

Office relocation can be a tricky endeavour, but if planned right it can be a seamless and mostly stress free project. The most important consideration is to move with minimal impact on workflow, while keeping your staff satisfied and ensuring that there is no loss of important infrastructure for your business. Starting your move early and following a smart check-list is the key to a successful relocation.

Before the move

Properly planning your move, delegating important tasks and creating a strategy for relocation should be your immediate priorities after finalising your new lease.

  • Choose a coordinator. Choosing one of your employees with good organisation and people skills to coordinate the move will make the planning and deployment a lot easier. They should be responsible for managing the relocation and will be a central figure for preparation, questions and strategy.
  • Keep your staff updated. Nothing is worse than an office that doesn’t know what is going on. Create a plan for how you will keep everyone informed and who will be responsible for sending out regular updates.
  • Hire help. Moving an office is difficult, with a lot of sensitive information, big pieces of furniture and important digital infrastructure. Hiring a professional will help ensure that everything gets there in one piece in an efficient and timely manner. Just make sure to book them in early so that there are no surprises later down the line.
  • Create a schedule. Setting dates for planning, packing and moving your office well in advance will allow you and your employees to think ahead on how to manage their workflow and help assist in a successful move.

Preparing for relocation

  • Plan your space. Visit your new office and decide where everything is going to go, including storage areas, desks and individual offices.
  • Finalise any documents that you might need for the move. Obtain any certificates, permissions and permits that you might need.
  • Send out moving notices. There are a lot of people who will be affected by your move. Make sure that you inform your IT service providers, banks and mail institutions. It would also be important to let your clients and stakeholders know what is happening early so that they know to expect some impact on services and are prepared for it.


  • Create a procedure. Make sure that everyone understands your packing procedures, including how to label items, where packed boxes should be stored and when they would be expected to help. Create a list of all boxes and furniture to ensure that everything gets to the new location.
  • Designate areas of responsibility. There are a lot of things that can go under the radar in an office move. Areas like the kitchen, bathroom and communal zones might be forgotten if no one is designated to manage them.

The day of the move

  • Organise the clean. Make sure that the old premises is properly cleaned, either by staff members or professional help.
  • Have someone on site. Having someone on site who knows where everything is going to go is important to help guide the movers.
  • Tick off items as they arrive. Use your list to tick off boxes and furniture as they arrive to ensure that nothing is forgotten in the move.
  • Test your technology. Test your connectivity and systems to know that everything is working before work begins again.
  • Welcome your staff to the new office. With the successful move make sure that you welcome your employees and thank everyone for their role in the relocation.
local removalist

5 Benefits of Using a Local Removalist Company

Moving can be an exciting adventure, picking yourself up and relocating to a new place to start a new phase of your life. Moving all your belongings and furniture however can be difficult and stressful without the right help. A local removalist company from Melbourne can really help to streamline your move, ensuring that everything arrives safely, efficiently and on time.

Stress free move

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using a local removalist company in Melbourne is to make your move a whole lot easier. Moving, especially moving large pieces of furniture, takes experience, the right equipment and a lot of muscle power. Moving yourself would not only mean that you have to gather enough people to help out, but you would need to hire a truck and spend the entire day hauling furniture and boxes in and out of your property.

Ensuring that your furniture gets there in one piece

A professional removalist company has a wealth of experience in moving large, awkward pieces of furniture in a safe and reliable manner. It is not only about navigating narrow corridors, carefully rounding sharp corners or helping remove furniture over a third story balcony, a professional removalist knows how to pack a truck to safeguard your property and has the right equipment and strategies to properly unload them.

It is in everyone’s best interest that your goods arrive at your new location in perfect condition, so a good removalist will take great care, and use all their moving acumen to do just that. Apart from just experience and muscle power, local movers should also have insurance to ensure the protection of your goods in transit, something that private individuals might not have.

A local removalist company knows Melbourne

A local removalist company spends all day on the road, and after a while they learn everything from the fastest routes to take, to the peak traffic hours and areas of congestion. This becomes really important to save you time and complete your move as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ensuring your personal safety

Moving furniture can be a dangerous business if not handled correctly. For those who are not familiar with the proper technique for lifting a couch or don’t know the signs for when it is time to take a quick break it is very common to let furniture slip from your grip or accidentally trip down a set of stairs. A local removalist company can curb this risk to personal injury and do what they were trained for.

Ensuring the safety of your building, and bond!

Just like with avoiding injury to your body, damaging your rental property or building by chipping paint or denting a doorway can be a costly endeavour. Often you would have to pay for repairs or have the expenses come out of your bond. A professional moving company on the other hand has the experience to remove furniture safely and without damaging the building.

DIY Removal Vs Removalist

DIY Removals vs Removalist Pros and Cons

For those who are veteran movers or just starting out it might be tempting to try a DIY move. While normally considered for its upfront savings there are plenty of other things to consider when thinking about whether to relocate yourself or call in professional help. To help you make your decision, here are some pros and cons on DIY vs professional removals.

Do it yourself:

Pro – Complete control: A move is a complicated operation. Between deciding on how to pack your stuff, how you would like your belongings handled and what days you want to move, moving yourself means that you will be in control of every small detail. You will have the flexibility to decide to move everything at once or piece by piece and can have direct control over transporting fragile or precious pieces.

Con – It is time consuming: Anyone who has done it before knows that packing up your life and relocating to another residence is a lot of time and effort. This is doubly so without professional help. Not only do you have to find a truck or a van, but you have to find a day that suits you and get the help of some family or friends. This might also involve some research on how to manoeuvre big pieces of furniture and get everything into a truck without damaging the goods.

Pro – Saving on costs: One of the most common reasons for moving without professional help is to save some money. If you are on a tight budget hiring a van or truck for the day can definitely help lower expenses and make the move easier on the bank account.

Cons – Hidden costs: While the outright cost might be higher to pay for a professional removalist, there are some hidden costs of DIY moves that should be taken into account. Apart from having to hire a van or truck, there’s also the potential for lost wages for those who can’t take leave to perform the move. Just as important is the fact that a DIY move is most likely not insured, so any damage done to your belongings will be incurred by you.

Professional Removalists:

Pro – Less effort: You can leave all the heavy lifting to the professionals! Especially if you are physically unable or don’t have helping hands to assist you on your move, calling in the professionals will take the strain out of your operation.

Con – Less control: Handing over your move might mean less control, perhaps moving on a different day than you would have liked or following the advice of the removalist on how things should be handled.

Pro – Professionalism: Perhaps the biggest perk is that your removalist does this for a job. They have the experience to understand how to move furniture without damaging the goods, they have the equipment to take big things in and out of an apartment and can save you a lot of time and effort by doing the planning, loading and unloading for you.

Con – Investment: This knowledge, experience and muscle power however will take an investment on your part that won’t be as cheap as moving yourself.

In the end, whether you decide to move yourself or hire professionals will boil down to how much time you have and how complex your move is. If you can take plenty of days off work and have some strong friends to assist you, a DIY move might not be too difficult, however if you have large pieces of furniture or live in an apartment it might make sense to call in the professionals.

Save on your move

How to Save on your Move

Melbourne is one of the most expensive cities in the world and we are all trying to save money wherever we can. If you go into it unprepared moving can take a real toll on the budget. If you do some smart planning beforehand, however, moving doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some quick tips on how you can save some money on your move:

Get yourself organised before the removalists arrive:

The more time a removalist company spends getting things loaded onto the truck or waiting for you to pack that last box, the more you will have to pay at the end of the day. Have everything packed before they arrive and preferably try and stage as many things as you can in an easy to access area so that the removalists can come in and out efficiently.

Try a hybrid move:

You might not need the removalists to move everything for you. If you have a car, try loading it up with some of the smaller boxes or pieces of furniture that you don’t need a truck for. You can also use a car or van hire app to rent a vehicle for the day and use it to transport all the easily portable boxes to the new residence, while leaving just the big pieces of furniture to the professionals.

Reduce the amount of stuff you are bringing with you:

It might be a no brainer but the more you have to bring with you the more you will have to pay, therefore, moving house is a fantastic opportunity to de-clutter your life. Try and get rid of anything that you haven’t used for a while, especially big pieces of furniture that don’t really have a place in your new residence. You can put in a request with Salvos for free collection of good condition items or in some cases you can get your furniture, mattresses and whitegoods removed for free by your local council.

Book a removalist early in the week:

Saving money on your removalists can make them a budget friendly option. Try and book your move earlier in the week as the weekend tends to be more expensive with people scrambling to get their move over and done with before going back to work on Monday.

Move during off peak times:

It might also be a good idea to look into the time of year you are planning to move. Generally removalists tend to be more in demand during school holidays and the warmer months of the year. Try to avoid these periods if you want to save some money.

Use repurposed materials for your packing:

People tend to shell out for moving boxes and bubble wrap to secure their belongings. However, there are some great alternatives. Go to your local department store or supermarket and ask if you can use their discarded boxes for your move. Also, instead of using bubble wrap, find some old newspaper or use towels and clothes to secure your more precious pieces.

There is no reason why moving has to strain the budget. With the proper planning and some effort on your part you can save some serious money on the move and start your life in your new residence with some peace of mind.

Holiday Moving

Moving Over The Holidays: 5 Things You Should Know

The holiday period is one of the busiest times of year in Melbourne. Between the hot weather, beachside barbeques, family commitments and all that last minute shopping in Fitzroy or Collins, it is one of the most stressful times of year to be packing up. Not only does Melbourne get crowded but the movers become booked, shops close down and roads leading out of the city get jammed.

So, planning and organisation are key to a successful relocation. For a stress-free move and plenty of time to enjoy the season with your family, here are five things you should know:

Organise your move:

Whether preparing a residential move across the state or looking to relocate the office while everyone is off gallivanting in Bali, planning the move, and starting early, is vital to getting everything done and staying sane.

Set up an easily accessible but out of the way staging area, where you can slowly start to store the least used things in your house or office. A garage or a place in your backyard that is under cover work perfectly.

Make sure to use a diary or calendar to write down your most important holiday events, so that you can plan your move around them, and start a few weeks early to leave plenty of time for family and friends when you need it.

Budget your spending:

While moving can be expensive, there are plenty of ways to save some cash. Get free cardboard boxes from your local Woolies or Liquorland to use for the move and reuse newspapers, towels and old clothes instead of buying bubble wrap.

Save money on the removalist:

The holidays are extra busy for moving companies, with some staff on holiday and customers trying to make use of their leave. Use a van hire app to move your small to medium sized belongings to your new place yourself. This will minimise the amount of time removalists spend packing things away into their track and allow them to just focus on the big stuff.

If looking to save money on a removalist you should also try to book them on a weekday. It is often the cheaper option, with the weekends more popular for busy parents and more likely to have staff shortages.

Take the opportunity to DE-clutter:

The holiday season is synonymous with shopping. Thus, what a better time to rid yourself of all the things that you no longer need. Take stock of what you want in your new digs, dispose of anything that is no longer necessary and get in the holiday cheer by donating anything that is in good condition to those in need.

Enjoy the holidays:

Moving is hard enough, so why not make a show of it! Arrange some decorations that are easy to take down later on, let the kids play with the boxes by building forts and stacking them to create a Christmas tree. Don’t forget to keep the family and kids busy as they adjust to their new space!

Moving Spa

Hot Tub Relocation

Hot Tub Relocation: Tips and Precautions

When it comes to relocating a hot tub is by far one of the most difficult items to move. However some helpful tips can help you tackle the endeavor by yourselves. Read the following article and make your move as easy as possible.

The move is a good opportunity to discard your possessions, see what you really need and what you can take to the new house. However sometimes people decide to leave some of their possessions behind just because they consider their transfer to be extremely difficult. If you purchase a hot tub for your home then the transfer to the new one may seem a brainteaser nonetheless leaving it behind would equally be a vexation.

On the other hand if you found a steal and you are going to buy a hot tub for your home the transfer still remains an issue. Yet don’t give up! Quick Pick Movers can give you a complete plan of how to achieve a safe and smooth move. All you have to do is read the next few lines and find all the tips and precautions that will help you make your hot tub move easier.


Hot tubs are too heavy and bulky making their transfer extremely difficult. What is more hot tubs consist of fragile equipment, the heater, blower and pump as long as a sensitive and complicated system of plumping and electrical units. In order to prevent damages and problems to your hot tub’s function thorough preparation is more than necessary. Start preparing the hot tub a few days before the day of the move. First of all remove all water from your hot tub in order to make the transfer easier.

Drain the hot tub completely minding to check the pipes as well. Compressed air will help you remove any water left in the pipes if needed. Then you are ready to disconnect all electrical and gas lines and if possible the equipment pack too. You can move the cover separately but as for the equipment pack you should better consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Given that there are different brands of hot tubs each of which recommending different treatment, check yours before you decide whether or not you can take the equipment pack separately.

Pad and pack the removable parts thoroughly in order to protect them from cracking and scratching. Use moving blankets, bubble wrap or even towels to wrap the accessories and secure with painters tape that removes easily. Then put these items in cartons and write with a pen “Fragile equipment” in order to alert caution.


The weight and bulkiness of a hot tub makes the transfer in hands a tooth. Thus unless you have a lot of friends to help you, you need special equipment to move the hot tub with. A large flat dolly can be the key for this case. You can easily find the one that you need in the stores or ask your movers to give you the equipment that you need.

Take the dimensions of your hot tub and buy or borrow the dolly that you need. If you find that your hot tub is too big to be carried on one dolly you can use two dollies tightly tackled together with ropes. Have some friends to help you place the hot tub on top and use straps or rope to keep the hot tub steady. Move carefully and slowly to the new location having people holding the hot tub all the way and use ramps for rough ground.


It is true that a hot tub move is not a simple and easy task actually it’s far from it. Nonetheless the plan above will help you find solutions to some major issues of such an endeavor in order to be able to achieve a smoother move. Yet not everyone can make it through with this kind of move that is not only extremely tiring but also risky.

Every little mistake can hurt you or cause damages to your hot tub. Thus if you still find the move difficult consider hiring professional movers. A furniture removalists company would be able to move your hot tub easily helping you save time and money. Take advantage of high moving services in low prices and enjoy a tireless move!

Dresser With Mirror

Relocating Your Dresser With Mirror Easily

Moving a dresser is already difficult however a dresser with mirror is much more difficult to move because of its weight and fragility. The following article is to give you some advice in order to achieve a smooth move.

While moving a dresser may seem difficult sooner or later you will find an effective way to move it. Indisputably you will face difficulties if you don’t have a complete plan of how to achieve an easy move without hurting yourself or your furniture nonetheless a dresser with mirror makes the endeavor even more difficult. The fragility of the mirror means that you need to take some extra precautions in order to prevent accidents and make sure that your furniture won’t suffer damage during the transfer as well. To this point Quick Pick Movers is here to give a complete plan of how to treat such furniture while moving so as to be able to sidestep any possible difficulties. In addition, having in mind the difficulties that may arise you will be able to respond fast and effectively making your move an easy one. Thus if you want to save both a lot of time and unnecessary effort just follow our plan. Here we go.


To begin with, one of the basic problems while moving bulky and heavy furniture is weight. If you try to move a dresser having the drawers filled with contents soon you will find out that you should better make some sort of preparation before you move the furniture. A dresser is already heavy and its contents make it even heavier. Thus, you need to empty the dresser out of its contents before the transfer in order to reduce weight and make the move easier. Empty one drawer after another and put your possessions in boxes securing with a lot of moving tape. Here is a helpful tip that is to help you make the unpacking easier too. Use a piece of painters tape and a pen to label each drawer and the boxes respectively. Doing so you will have an image of what goes where while unpacking, saving time and avoiding mess. On the other hand, if your dresser is still too heavy to be transferred easily you may have to take the drawers out and move them separately in order to reduce some extra weight. You should also remove the mirror as well. The mirror is the most fragile and delicate piece of the furniture that needs extra care in order not to suffer damage during the transfer. However, if the mirror is not to be removed or if there is any glass or marble set into the finish of the furniture then thorough padding is more than essential. In case that your mirror can be removed you can wrap it with several layers of a moving blanket and tape it with moving tape and then place it in a box. On the other hand if your mirror is not to be removed or in case that you negotiate marbles or glasses then pad with several layers of bubble wrap and then wrap with moving blankets always securing with tape. Then tape flattened cardboard over the fragile surfaces in order to reserve extra protection.
Padding is also essential for the rest of the furniture’s surfaces as accidents may occur causing permanent damages to your dresser. To prevent this possibility you can wrap the dresser with moving blankets and tape it. In case that you are moving the dresser along with the drawers you can tape them before padding in order to keep them in place. Mind not to use moving tape directly to the furniture as it may destroy its surfaces. Choose painters tape that removes easily.  Last but not least, if your dresser is too heavy to be moved in hands you will need some extra equipment. Rent or borrow a trolley/dolly to carry the dresser with. Put the dresser on top of the dolly and secure with moving straps to keep it stable. Move slowly and carefully to the new location.


Moving a dresser is a demanding and difficult process. Knowledge, patience, special equipment and a lot of time are essential in order to achieve a safe transfer. You can always try but if you find that you are not able to cope with such an endeavor you should better let professional movers do the transfer for you. Hiring a Furniture Removalists company you save time, effort and a lot of money while making sure that your possessions will be transferred fast and safely. Remember no problem is unsolvable, just take into account all options and choose the one that best serves your needs.