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5 Reasons to Move to Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world, renowned for its culture, art, food, green streets and laid-back lifestyle. It is truly one of Australia’s gems. So what makes Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs stand out in such a wonderful place to live?

Melbourne Nature is Sublime

One of the most striking aspects of Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs is its abundance of nature. While the Western Suburbs have traditionally been more industrialised and the city centre a haven of urban congestion, the East has built itself as a refuge of green in the middle of the city.

To really appreciate the beauty of the Eastern suburbs you must go to the Dandenong Ranges along its outer edges. Full of breathtaking scenery, quaint little villages and romantic nooks it is easy to see why the Ranges have become a famous site for visitors to Melbourne and so enjoyed by those living in the city’s East.

The Food and Shopping is Fantastic

Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs are brimming with culinary flair, with world class restaurants and delicious coffee, it’s hard to be disappointed. There’s is a long list of suburbs with fantastic food but some of the local favourites are Kew for a ritzy assortment of chic dining options, Glen Waverly for spice packed Asian cuisine and Blackburn for some of Melbourne’s best coffee spots.

Aside from the action packed food options there is also the opportunity to do a great bit of shopping, with plenty of big and boutique brands and the biggest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere located right in Chadstone.

Melbourne’s East is Wonderful for Families

There is a lot of space to grow in Melbourne’s East and it offers plenty of green, leafy suburbs for your little ones to run around in. Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs take pride in their world class schools and the plethora of family friendly parks and options for kids activities.

Aside from the amenities it is also extremely safe, with crime below national averages in a country that already boasts a very low crime rate compared to developed world standards.

Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs are great for employment opportunities

Melbourne’s East boasts some of the lowest unemployment rates in the city as little as 3.6% in Surrey Hills, 3.9% in Vermont and 3.5% in Camberwell. Not only can you be very close to the city, with all the benefits of working near the CBD but you are also just a step away from Box Hill, one of Melbourne’s most important business districts.

Finally, there is a lively culture

Eastern Melbournians can choose to live close to the CBD and be a stone’s throw away from the fantastic art and culture scenes of the National Gallery of VictoriaAustralian Centre for Contemporary Art or the Melbourne Museum.

However, it isn’t all about culture found in galleries, Melbourne is also one of the most multi-cultural places in the country, with a fantastic array of people from all over the world living and working together.

Hoppers Crossing

Hoppers Crossing: Melbourne Suburbs in Review

Hopper’s Crossing has proven to be an extremely popular suburb for first home buyers in recent years, and it isn’t hard to see why. Named after Stephen Hopper and his family who were early residents of the area, Hoppers Crossing is a former town and farm area that has been swallowed up by the city of Melbourne.

So what has made this suburb so attractive to young buyers?

It is very affordable

Let’s get this out of the way first, Hoppers Crossing is very affordable by Melbourne housing standards. A two bedroom house in the suburb will set you back $465,000, while a big four bedroom property will average around $582,000. If you buy a unit it will be even cheaper, with a two bedroom apartment costing around $380,000.

When you compare this to the average Melbourne house price of $880,000 it is a genuine option for families, young couples and first home buyers.

Hoppers Crossing is a favourite for families

More than 50% of the properties are owned by couples and families that flock here for the big, affordable house and large plots of land for their children to run around in. Demographically it is a very multicultural suburb with people all over the world settling down in Hoppers Crossing to enjoy the lifestyle of the area.

Hoppers crossing also has a high  number of schools, over a dozen, including Bellbridge Primary School, Cambridge Primary School and Hoppers Crossing Secondary School, which make it easy to find a place for the little ones.

Hoppers Crossing shopping options

While it is out of the busy centre of the city Hoppers Crossing boasts a surprising number of shopping options. This includes two shopping centres, Wyndham Village and Werribee Plaza. Werribee Plaza underwent a $400 million upgrade which has established the centre as one of the biggest in Melbourne. Hoppers Crossing also has a large variety of warehouse and clearance sale shops that can be useful for saving money on household goods.

It is still an easy commute to the city

While Hoppers Crossing has all the benefits of a suburb outside of the busy city centre it is still an easy commute to the CBD. Hoppers Crossing railway station is an easy option for those wishing to make their way into the centre and will take you 30 minutes to get to the city. The suburb also has some of Melbourne’s most important arterial roadways running through it including the Princes Highway.

It is a great place to escape into nature

Due to its close proximity to Werribee and the coast Hoppers Crossing offers some fantastic parks and recreational activities. It has the Federation Trail, a favourite for cyclists, running along its outer edge and is very close to Werribee park, one of Victoria’s finest homesteads, the State Rose Garden, National Equestrian Centre, Werribee Ope-Range Zoo and Point Cook Coastal Park, with great facilities for barbecues and children’s playgrounds to enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Call our removalists Melbourne, for moving to Hoppers Crossing.

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Melbourne: The Top 5 Suburbs for Young Families

Melbourne has been named the world’s most liveable city many times in the last decade and looking at all the options couples have for family friendly neighbourhoods it is easy to see why.

A neighbourhood for young families needs to have any number of things to make it really suitable for the little ones. Obviously it needs to have a catchment area of some decent schools, green space for easy weekend outings and some easy to access transport and facilities. Beyond this choosing a neighbourhood all comes down to preference. Is it affordable? Close to the City? Does it have a great community feel?

While hardly an extensive list, these are the 5 top suburbs for young families in Melbourne wishing to find a long term place for their children to grow up.

Roxburgh Park for Affordable Neighbourhoods

Roxburgh Park is one of Melbourne’s most popular destinations for young families, where over three quarters of the households are family units with children. The neighbourhood has fantastic public transport, smooth arterial road connections and plenty of schools for the little ones. It also boasts some great sporting clubs, parkland, walking areas and a shopping centre. For something more affordable, but still half an hour to the city by public transport, this is a top choice.

Macleod for Good Land Sizes

More expensive but closer to the city Macleod has a railway line, access to the freeway and Northern Ring Road, making it extremely well located in Melbourne. The plots of land are well proportioned and the neighbourhood has a great community feel, with some great shops and beautiful parks.

Kew for the Best Schools

Kew is just a stone’s throw away from the city with stunning 20th century period homes and all the benefits of living close to the CBD without the rush or noise. It is also home to some of Melbourne’s most elite schools including Trinity College, Methodist Ladies’ College and Xavier College. Bordering the Yarra River in Melbourne’s east, housing is quite expensive but is balanced out by the unsurpassed access to facilities and location.

Burnside Heights for Young Communities

Another affordable neighbourhood within 30 minutes of the city is Burnside Heights. With large inexpensive housing, leafy streets and plenty of room to spread out, it is no wonder that this neighbourhood boasts the second largest demographic of young families in Melbourne after Roxburgh Park. It is also only minutes drive to Caroline Spring Lakes, a beautiful body of water with plenty of restaurants and a relaxed atmosphere for your family to relax in on the weekend.

Altona for that Sea Breeze

If you want every day to feel like a holiday then Altona is the suburb for you and your family. With stunning water views, sandy beaches and a walking pier, it exudes warmth and summertime. Despite all the facilities of beachside living it is still only 14 kilometres to the city. It boasts produce markets, cafes, restaurants and shopping, not to mentions the numerous primary and secondary schools for your kids, making it an ideal place to both grow up and grow old.

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6 Alternative Locations for Office Space in Melbourne

Business in Melbourne is booming, with local companies and international organisations popping up all over the city, however, with so much growth there is also fierce competition to grab the best spaces for business when they become available. Melbourne’s CBD doesn’t make this any easier by being Australia’s most densely populated area, with cramped offices, overcrowded streets and heavy traffic.

Luckily Melbourne is also a well connected city, with some great transportation hubs, quirky neighbourhoods and alternative business districts that makes finding an alternative space easier than it sounds.

Here are some of the best alternatives to the CBD to set up your new office:


Just 3 kilometres from the city centre, you can’t get closer to the CBD than Richmond. With everything from modern offices to converted warehouse spaces this suburb has the eclectic mix of working class charm turned gentrified hot spot that makes it a real draw. With its convenience and energetic culture it is a fantastic space for anyone looking for something a little different.


Just south of Richmond, and just as accessible from the CBD, Cremorne is Victoria’s Silicon Valley. Bright young creatives, tech companies and small co-working groups are all fighting for the opportunity of establishing themselves in the neighbourhood. With its great transport and vibrant vibe it is irresistible for the modern company.

South Yarra

South Yarra is home to Toorak Road and Chapel Street, some of the best shopping strips in Melbourne. Besides its nightlife, restaurants and shopping, South Yarra is also a business hub, occupied for its proximity to the city and access to the prestigious neighbourhoods that South Yarra is renowned for.


Another suburb a stone’s throw away from the CBD, Dockland’s is a beautiful product of urban renewal, converting the disused industrial area into a green and spacious inner city suburb. Now it has become a popular business district, with great views, world class dining options and easy access to the CBD by free public transport or even on foot.

Box Hill

One of the largest commercial business hubs outside of the city centre, Box Hill has experienced massive growth for years. With a heavy focus on private investment, health and education facilities, it is a centre not just for business but other sectors that are vital to Melbourne’s culture and economy. Despite its location outside of central Melbourne, Box Hill is still highly accessible, lying as it does on the Belgrave/Lilydale line and with access to both trams and bus routes.


Epping is fast becoming a business leader in Melbourne’s North and is one of the fastest growing areas of the city. 30 kilometres from the city centre, Epping has a dedicated train station and excellent roads leading to the CBD. A fantastic location for offices that need more space, Epping has become the centre for business activity in the city’s north, and looks to continue to do so, with massive expansion and growth projects underway.