For those who are veteran movers or just starting out it might be tempting to try a DIY move. While normally considered for its upfront savings there are plenty of other things to consider when thinking about whether to relocate yourself or call in professional help. To help you make your decision, here are some pros and cons on DIY vs professional removals.

Do it yourself:

Pro – Complete control: A move is a complicated operation. Between deciding on how to pack your stuff, how you would like your belongings handled and what days you want to move, moving yourself means that you will be in control of every small detail. You will have the flexibility to decide to move everything at once or piece by piece and can have direct control over transporting fragile or precious pieces.

Con – It is time consuming: Anyone who has done it before knows that packing up your life and relocating to another residence is a lot of time and effort. This is doubly so without professional help. Not only do you have to find a truck or a van, but you have to find a day that suits you and get the help of some family or friends. This might also involve some research on how to manoeuvre big pieces of furniture and get everything into a truck without damaging the goods.

Pro – Saving on costs: One of the most common reasons for moving without professional help is to save some money. If you are on a tight budget hiring a van or truck for the day can definitely help lower expenses and make the move easier on the bank account.

Cons – Hidden costs: While the outright cost might be higher to pay for a professional removalist, there are some hidden costs of DIY moves that should be taken into account. Apart from having to hire a van or truck, there’s also the potential for lost wages for those who can’t take leave to perform the move. Just as important is the fact that a DIY move is most likely not insured, so any damage done to your belongings will be incurred by you.

Professional Removalists:

Pro – Less effort: You can leave all the heavy lifting to the professionals! Especially if you are physically unable or don’t have helping hands to assist you on your move, calling in the professionals will take the strain out of your operation.

Con – Less control: Handing over your move might mean less control, perhaps moving on a different day than you would have liked or following the advice of the removalist on how things should be handled.

Pro – Professionalism: Perhaps the biggest perk is that your removalist does this for a job. They have the experience to understand how to move furniture without damaging the goods, they have the equipment to take big things in and out of an apartment and can save you a lot of time and effort by doing the planning, loading and unloading for you.

Con – Investment: This knowledge, experience and muscle power however will take an investment on your part that won’t be as cheap as moving yourself.

In the end, whether you decide to move yourself or hire professionals will boil down to how much time you have and how complex your move is. If you can take plenty of days off work and have some strong friends to assist you, a DIY move might not be too difficult, however if you have large pieces of furniture or live in an apartment it might make sense to call in the professionals.