How To Move A Photocopier

Office Relocating Tips: How To Move A Photocopier

If you think that you would never be able to move your photocopier by yourself soon you will change your mind. The following article will give you some easy and helpful tips that will help you move your photocopier in no time.

Relocating is difficult anyway but things get a bit more complicated when you try to move bulky and heavy appliances. These pieces are not only too heavy to transfer but also too fragile. If you are about to move your photocopier thus you will surely have some serious issues to settle in advance in order to make sure that accidents and damages won’t occur.

Bulky appliances are difficult to move much less if the endeavor is attempted by amateur movers. Such an endeavor takes thorough planning. Draw a plan of how to prepare the photocopier so as to avoid damages, make sure that you are able to carry the appliance and prevent accidents during the move then you are able to achieve a safe and smooth move. In the next few lines Removalists Melbourne will give you the details of the plan to help you cope with your office relocation without problems and difficulties.

How To Move A Photocopier – PREPARATION: TIPS

First of all, when the time for an appliance move has come there is a lot to do before the endeavor takes place in order to make sure that nothing will go wrong. Careful preparation and planning will help you overcome possible hurdles and difficulties; doing so, you will have the chance to achieve the most of your move. Therefore as simple shaped appliances are easier to move you should better remove all removable pieces and accessories namely the paper feeder and paper tray.

Pad the accessories in bubble wrap and pack in a carton, secure with moving tape and mind to take these items with you to the new location. Have in mind that you must do what is needed in order to let the appliance function properly again. Second, you have to make sure that your photocopier won’t suffer damage during the transfer. To this point good preparation is also indispensable. Unplug the photocopier and wrap all cords wires and tape them together with painters tape. Thereafter you should equally protect the photocopier against scratching so padding is more than necessary as well.

The best possible option would be the appliance’s original packing however people rarely mind to store it for such an occasion. Then in case that you don’t have the original packaging in hands you should buy packing materials and moving blankets, corner protectors and a lot of moving tape.


To begin with the packing process you have to place the corner protectors and make the first protecting layer around the appliance. This step is important as there are several plastic or even glass pieces or even buttons of great fragility to be protected. To achieve this you can wrap the machine with several layers of bubble wrap and secure with a lot of tape. The next step is wrapping with moving blankets in order to achieve extra protection. Here the preparation is reserved, now you are ready for the transfer.

Moving bulky and heavy appliances in hands is not only extremely difficult but also dangerous. You can either destroy the appliance dropping it or hurt yourselves. It is obvious thus that carrying your photocopier in hands would not be a good idea. What we suggest is to carry the photocopier on a trolley/dolly. Buy or borrow the dolly that will best serve your moving needs taking into account the dimensions of your appliance. Have one or two friends to help you. Have one person to keep the dolly stable and place carefully the photocopier on top of the trolley/dolly, then secure tightly with ropes or even better moving straps. Move slowly to the new location.


No one can guarantee that any accidents or mistakes won’t occur except for professional movers. Even if you have a complete plan the lack of training and experience is likely to be the reason why you may have troubles while moving appliances. On the other hand the option of hiring a reputable removalists company to undertake the transfer of your possessions would be ideal.

You will have the chance to enjoy an easy and tireless move while saving money and great effort. The choice is yours by us we can only express the hope for a smooth move.