How To Easily Move A Swing Set By Yourselves

How To Easily Move A Swing Set By Yourselves

In the case of a move, trying to relocate a swing set by yourself may sound crazy however following some simple and easy steps the whole thing gets pretty achievable. This article is to help you make your swing set move a breeze.

By purchasing a swing set you give our little friends a superb gift as well as a great opportunity to create a lovely place where they can canalize their energy and have fun. Be sure that children will go wild with this part of the yard where you are going to build the swing set, their own personal playing oasis. Once the time for a move comes you have to make a great decision, either leave your minors’ loved playing nook to the new owners or take it with you to your new residence.

Undoubtedly, the second choice is harder as it is the one that requires a lot of effort however taking into account the cost for purchasing a new swing set and comparing it with that of a move your decision may be easier. What is more people usually get sentimentally connected to their possessions making it difficult for them to give them away or leave them behind. If this is your case then you will need a short of guidance in order to make the transfer of your swing set to the new house easier. To this point Melbourne Cheap Movers are here to help you giving you smart tips that will help you achieve the most of your move.


There are different types of swing sets; some are made out of wood and others of metal. Swing set sizes vary too. Whatever your circumstances, there is no way out when it comes to moving than to disassemble your swing set. The thing is that people usually know what to do, however they actually don’t know how to do it right. The key for an easy swing set relocation is having a good plan. People get trapped not only while in transit because they negotiate huge and heavy pieces but also once the move is over and the time for reassembling comes.

Thus, first and foremost thorough preparation is needed in order to prevent getting puzzled and achieve a smooth and trouble free move. Before you start disassembling your swing set it is worth taking some photos in order to help yourselves make the reassembling easier as well. Be mindful to take enough photos from different sides in order to have all aspects of your swing set available while reassembling. In addition, you can take some notes too if you feel that there are difficult combinations that you may not remember later. This procedure will help you avoid problems and mistakes and save time and great effort.


Start disassembling your swing set releasing one piece after another starting from the top. Be mindful to have enough people to help you keep the swing set stable while you are working on it and also hold and carry the heavy pieces that you remove. Make sure to wrap the fragile accessories or other components with packing material and place any screws and bolts in boxes together so you do not lose them. What is more, this is a great chance to see if your swing set remains safe enough for your children. Carefully examine each part that you decompose and see if there is deterioration caused from weather conditions and use or other wear and tear. Keep the destroyed pieces as sample. This will help you find the new ones more easily. Move all pieces to the new location and use your notes and pictures to make the reassembling easier. However if you still find the reassembling difficult address the manufacturers or consult the local swing set seller.


If you want to get rid of all stress and toil of a move of this kind you can hire professional movers that specialize in these items. These people have all the equipment needed to guarantee that your swing set will be transferred safely to the new location and also will help you save a lot of time and effort trying to disassemble and reassemble your swing set. This option is a cost effective choice too. Quick Pick Movers with two men and a truck will be there to help you wherever you want and the time that you want providing high moving services in a low cost compared with what you would have to pay to purchase a new swing set. The choice is yours.

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