How To Move File Cabinets By Yourselves

Business’ grow and expand and more often than not you will eventually find yourself relocating your officer at some time during your career and when this time comes you will surely need some guidance to achieve a smooth and safe move. This article is designed to help you find all the information you need to move a filing cabinet by yourself.

In order to have a fully functional and effective office organising is a must, and it is more than likely your office has one or more filing cabinets for keeping your important documents in order. Some filing cabinets seem quite small and like there would be no problem moving them although even a small cabinet can prove difficult because of its contents, quite often making it heavy and awkward to move not to mention if you unpack the cabinet you risk misplacing important documents.

A complete plan of how to avoid accidents and mistakes will make this endeavour a much easier one, this article is created to give helpful advice on how to move a filing cabinet.


If you have a filing cabinet you will need to relocate it sooner or later, whether you’re moving home, office or just need to move it a few feet to clean the area, you will need to take some precautions in order to pull the job off without problems or accidents. The reason why a filing cabinet gets so heavy is because of the amount of contents we put in them, in order to achieve a much easier move you should make furniture as light as possible, removing all the contents before you try to shift it.
To ensure no file gets left behind or misplaced, empty the drawers one at a time and put the contents into a box. To make up packing and reorganising a simple job label and number the draws and boxes then it will be easier for you to find what goes where.

Once the cabinet is empty, lock the cabinet drawers preventing the draws opening and slamming while being moved. If you do not have a lock, try using moving tape to secure the doors in place. Now you are ready for your office move!
There are different options and ways to move your cabinet depending on its size and the distance you are moving it, in the case you have a smaller upright cabinet and it’s only moving a few feet in one room simply put a moving blanket under the cabinet to protect the floor and pull the cabinet to its new location. On the other hand, if you’re relocating a heavy and bulky filing cabinet or if you are moving it a long distance you will need special equipment such as a furniture trolley and straps, ideally have a strap for each cabinet door. Have some helpful friends to assist with putting the cabinet on the trolley and wheel it to its new location.


The plan above will help you achieve the best result for your move however if you feel there is risks or its to heavy still for you, the next best option is to hire professional movers for a completely stress-free office relocation.