How To Move Your Storage Shed

Relocating a storage shed is by far one of the most demanding tasks while moving. Quick Pick Movers will give you easy tips in order to help you move your shed easily by yourselves.

Considering how difficult a storage shed move is said to be you would never try to move yours by yourselves unless it was a great need. In fact most people think that no one could cope with such a difficult move except by professionals much less if you don’t have the knowledge and experience needed to do so. It is true that amateurs are not usually able to move bulky and heavy items without hurting them or worse themselves.

The lack of experience and the right equipment may result in disaster, thus you should better let professionals to move your shed. However if you need to move your storage shed in another location in your backyard or if you want to take it closer to your house do not delay longer. Quick Pick Movers are here to give you all the information you need as for how to achieve a safe and trouble less move. The following article will give you the guidance you need in order to move your shed easily.


First of all, the key for an easy move is organizing, thus the first step is a good plan. No matter what the shape or the size of your shed is the moving technique that we are going to use is always the same. Make your plan determining how far you are going to move your shed. This is very important as it is the fact that determines how much help you may need in terms of human force. Take the right equipment and have some friends to help you and get ready for the next step. We are moving over to the next step, the practical part. There are several things to do before you move your storage shed.

When it comes to moving bulky and heavy items you should always try to make your move easier making the shed lighter. Therefore, empty your shed before you try to move it in order to make it lighter. In case that you are moving to a new house and you have decided not to leave your storage shed behind you should pack up its content carefully and take them with you once the shed is moved. Place your possessions in cartons and secure with moving tape, then write with a pen on the cartons as for their content in order to make the unpacking easier.

The move will be a good chance to reorganize your shed too. Then you should secure the doors’ and windows’ frame of your shed in order to prevent damages. To do so, fasten wooden branches with nails across the doors and windows. Place jacks under the four corners of the floor and see if you need to make any repairs while the shed is up. Then you are ready to move your storage shed. You can either carry your shed on a dolly/trolley or roll it across the backyard. If you are moving to a new location in the one backyard you can roll your shed over using metal or wooden poles and human force. Place the poles underneath and pull the shed from behind. You will need some friends to help you pull and hold the shed stable on the poles. Have one person to pick up the poles from behind and place them underneath the shed in the front until you reach the shed’s new position. Alternatively, you can rent or borrow a trolley/dolly to move the shed with. Once the shed is up on the jacks pull the dolly underneath and secure the shed with ropes or moving stripes. Move the dolly slowly and carefully.


Having the right guidance you will be able to move your shed safely and easily. The plan above will help you make your move as smooth as possible however if you want to save time money and effort you can hire a cheap and reputable furniture removalists company. Professional movers are specially trained and experienced enough to cope with such a difficult move and guarantee a safe and easy move. See all options and decide which one best serves your needs.