Melbourne has been named the world’s most liveable city many times in the last decade and looking at all the options couples have for family friendly neighbourhoods it is easy to see why.

A neighbourhood for young families needs to have any number of things to make it really suitable for the little ones. Obviously it needs to have a catchment area of some decent schools, green space for easy weekend outings and some easy to access transport and facilities. Beyond this choosing a neighbourhood all comes down to preference. Is it affordable? Close to the City? Does it have a great community feel?

While hardly an extensive list, these are the 5 top suburbs for young families in Melbourne wishing to find a long term place for their children to grow up.

Roxburgh Park for Affordable Neighbourhoods

Roxburgh Park is one of Melbourne’s most popular destinations for young families, where over three quarters of the households are family units with children. The neighbourhood has fantastic public transport, smooth arterial road connections and plenty of schools for the little ones. It also boasts some great sporting clubs, parkland, walking areas and a shopping centre. For something more affordable, but still half an hour to the city by public transport, this is a top choice.

Macleod for Good Land Sizes

More expensive but closer to the city Macleod has a railway line, access to the freeway and Northern Ring Road, making it extremely well located in Melbourne. The plots of land are well proportioned and the neighbourhood has a great community feel, with some great shops and beautiful parks.

Kew for the Best Schools

Kew is just a stone’s throw away from the city with stunning 20th century period homes and all the benefits of living close to the CBD without the rush or noise. It is also home to some of Melbourne’s most elite schools including Trinity College, Methodist Ladies’ College and Xavier College. Bordering the Yarra River in Melbourne’s east, housing is quite expensive but is balanced out by the unsurpassed access to facilities and location.

Burnside Heights for Young Communities

Another affordable neighbourhood within 30 minutes of the city is Burnside Heights. With large inexpensive housing, leafy streets and plenty of room to spread out, it is no wonder that this neighbourhood boasts the second largest demographic of young families in Melbourne after Roxburgh Park. It is also only minutes drive to Caroline Spring Lakes, a beautiful body of water with plenty of restaurants and a relaxed atmosphere for your family to relax in on the weekend.

Altona for that Sea Breeze

If you want every day to feel like a holiday then Altona is the suburb for you and your family. With stunning water views, sandy beaches and a walking pier, it exudes warmth and summertime. Despite all the facilities of beachside living it is still only 14 kilometres to the city. It boasts produce markets, cafes, restaurants and shopping, not to mentions the numerous primary and secondary schools for your kids, making it an ideal place to both grow up and grow old.