Move A Flat Screen TV

Move a Flat Screen TV or a LCD TV’s may be difficult considering their weight and the fact they are extremely fragile. However, things get easier if you have a good plan of what to do. This article will help you cope with a flat screen TV move.

If you are relocating there are surely many things you should settle. One of the most important concerns of the people that are moving is to achieve to transfer their possessions without causing any sort of damage. The risk is even bigger if you have to move heavy and fragile items, namely a flat screen TV. However, having a good idea of how to make your move smoother will really make things easier. Moving a flat screen TV requires both a lot of patience and great care in order to make sure that this extra fragile and expensive electronic component will be transferred and placed to a new position without any problems. To this point the following moving tips will help you make your move as smooth as possible.


Having a family means that you must always adapt your circumstances to your family’s needs. This is the reason why a few weeks ago I decided to move move a flat screen TV from the office to the living room. My children spend a lot of their leisure time in front of the screen watching educational emissions and as our living room is the place where the whole family usually meets, I decided to place my big plasma TV there. However, moving a flat screen TV is not a simple and easy task. A careful plan is more than necessary in order to minimize the risk of damage. Even the smallest bruise or abrasion can cause permanent damage thus the TV should be properly packaged and moved slowly and carefully. Here are some of the moving tips that helped me move my plasma TV easily.

Move a Flat Screen TV (step by step)

First of all you have to think of the packing up of your TV. This step is very important as it will help you prevent the TV from scratching during the relocation. The best possible option is to use the original packing materials in which your TV came. In case you don’t have the original packaging you can buy the materials you need, as they are quite cheap and easy to find. All you need to do is buy some moving blankets, or bubble wrap, or a roomy carton.

You can also use thick tissues or every material you think that will keep the screen secured. Measure the TV and use enough of your packing materials to cover it. Moreover, you should use a lot of moving tape in order to secure the packaging during the transfer. In case you take a carton to move the TV inside you should better place some Styrofoam at the four corners and the screen, this will make the transfer even safer.

Furthermore, you will need at least two people to carry the television. Measure the doors and hallways In order to make sure that you have enough space to pass the television through. Before you move the TV, make sure that you have unplugged the power core and that you have disconnected all the cables. Remember not to place anything on the screen because it can be easily scratched.

In addition, always remember to keep the television in an upright position because having a plasma TV on its side for more than 2 hours can have a negative effect on its function. Thus, while moving do not slide the television unless it is absolutely necessary. If it is necessary to lay the TV flat, the screen should face upward, as the weight of the internal components can put pressure to the screen and damage it if it faces downward.

Move the TV slowly to the new position and unpack carefully. If you are moving to a new home, make sure that your car or the truck you have rented has enough space to place the TV inside. Have one person to hold the television in an upright position during the transfer and check to make sure that there are no pointed objects near the television.

Remember to drive slowly and carefully avoiding rough patches. Finally, keep in mind that a flat screen television should not be exposed to moisture, direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, so if you are going to take the TV out of the house check the weather conditions.


Being aware of the special treatment that a flat screen TV needs during the transfer will help us find the safest way to relocate our TV. However hiring professional movers will make the transfer even easier. This is the only option that can guarantee that the TV will be transferred safely and it won’t suffer damage. Make your choice and move your television as easy as possible.

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