Moving a Kitchen Island

Moving can be enjoyable if you know how to do it right. Moving a kitchen island would be a brainteaser if you didn’t have an idea of how to make it easier. This article is to help you make the transfer of a kitchen island easier.

The kitchen is the room where people spend much of their time preparing their meals and having some relaxing moments with their loved ones. A kitchen should be well organized roomy and functional. To this point a kitchen island is extremely useful as it provides an extra work surface and even extra storage. However, moving a kitchen island may be difficult as it is usually quite big and heavy. This article will give you some good ideas of how to treat a kitchen island while transferring in order to save unnecessary effort. This way you can also reduce the chances of making mistakes and cause damage during the transfer.


Moving is difficult but moving a kitchen island is even more difficult. A kitchen island is not just a piece of furniture it is a part of the house. This is the reason why it needs extra care. The size and weight of the kitchen island is usually another factor that makes the transfer even more difficult. Therefore, having moved my kitchen island on my own, I can give you an idea of how to overcome the difficulties while moving such an item. Having an idea of the problems you may come across while moving a kitchen island and having a good plan of how to cope with such relocation will help you make your move a breeze.


First of all, before you move your kitchen island you have to check some issues. In case your kitchen island contains a sink or a cook top you have to make sure that you have disconnected all cables and plumbing lines. If you do not want to cause damages you should better have a professional to do the disconnection for you. More so, kitchen islands are usually secured to the floor making it impossible to move. Thus, before you move your kitchen island you should check whether or not it is secured to the floor. In case the kitchen island is secured you should carefully remove the doors using a screwdriver in order to be able to see the frame at the bottom. Remove the screws of the frame in order to separate the kitchen island from the floor. Doing so you will be able to remove the kitchen island easily. Remember to make gentle movements so as not to hurt the wood. Furthermore, you have to consider the transfer as a kitchen island is usually too heavy making it difficult to move. You should better remove all the items that are stored or placed on the kitchen island. This way the furniture will be lighter and also the items stored on or in it won’t suffer damage during the transfer. You will need at least four or five people to help you move the kitchen island, but it is still difficult to carry a kitchen island by hands. If you want to move the furniture more easily you can rent a four wheeled trolley and transfer the kitchen island in it. Move the furniture on to the top of the trolley and use some moving ropes to secure it during the move. You can also do some packaging in order to minimize the risk of damage. Use tissues, papers or carton to wrap the surfaces of the kitchen island and hold the packaging together with moving tape. Finally, have two people holding the trolley stable while moving the kitchen island down. Place slowly and carefully the kitchen island to its new position and do the unpacking. Remember to have the professionals you need to do the gas or electrical connections if required.


The weight of a kitchen island makes it difficult to move, however having the equipment required and some people to help you, you can move your kitchen island easily. Nonetheless, only professional home movers have the suitable equipment and the experience needed to guarantee that every little detail of this difficult move will be carried to the most.

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