Moving a glass dining buffet may be a brainteaser, given that you’ll have to deal with a heavy and bulky piece of furniture, but yet reading this article you may change your mind! We are here to give you a helping hand!

Moving heavy and bulky pieces of furniture is difficult anyway but if you try to do it by yourselves things get a bit more complicated. Amateurs usually have all the will needed in order to cope with such a difficult task, however sometimes the lack of knowledge and experience may be disastrous resulting in accidents and damages.

On the other hand, imagine how easier and safer your move would be if you had an idea of what to do and what to avoid while moving your buffet. To this point Quick Pick Movers are here to give you all the information you need in order to make the transfer of your buffet as easy as possible.


If you think that it is about time to move your buffet will surely need some sort of guidance in order to avoid hurting both yourself or causing damages to your furniture. Heavy and bulky pieces are difficult to move by amateurs. If you want to save both a lot of time and great effort you should better get professional movers to undertake this difficult task. However, in case that you want to try moving your buffet by yourselves there are several things you need to know so as to make the endeavor easier. Smart and easy tips and tricks are here to help you make your move a breeze. Take a glance at our plan!


To begin with, before you try moving your buffet you need to remove all its contents, pack and store them. A glass dining buffet is already heavy and as it is a perfect storing piece of furniture it is usually filled with many different and fragile items. If you want to make the move easier you have to reduce your buffet’s weight, reducing the chances of damages as well. Buy or borrow from friends the packing materials you’ll need and pack the buffet’s contents. You can use cartons, paper, tissues and bubble wrap in order to wrap fragile items. Wrap each item individually. This way you reduce even more the chances of damages.

Here is a smart tip: If your buffet has shelves or drawers you should better remove them too. This way you reduce the furniture’s weight even more while preventing accidents, given that shelves or drawers tend to get removed during a transfer.

Furthermore, once you have your buffet empty you’ll have a good opportunity to do a thorough cleaning. Take advantage of your move to clan your buffet and its contents. Then you’ll be ready to wrap your buffet in order to protect it against scratches and damages while being transferred to its new position. As for the packing materials that you can use, you have a lot of choices. You can choose among tissues, paper, bubble wrap or even a towel. Nonetheless we believe that a moving blanket would be the best possible option. Wrap the buffet and secure with moving tape.

Here is another smart tip too: If your buffet has a glass front or glass doors place some pillows to fill the dead space and then secure the doors with moving tape.

Now you are ready for the transfer. Depending on the size of your buffet you can either slide and carry it or use a dolly/trolley to transfer it to the new location. Have some friends to help you and then carry slowly and carefully your buffet. If it is too heavy to be carried by hands rent or borrow a trolley/ dolly. Place the buffet on top of the dolly and secure with ropes or wall straps. Unpack only when the buffet is placed to its new position.


Having in mind the rips above your move will be as easy as possible. However, only professionals are able to guarantee an easy and most important safe move. Professional movers have not only great experience but also all the equipment needed in order to make a move fast and safe. Choose a reliable and cheap furniture removals company and get rid of stress and unnecessary effort.