The holiday period is one of the busiest times of year in Melbourne. Between the hot weather, beachside barbeques, family commitments and all that last minute shopping in Fitzroy or Collins, it is one of the most stressful times of year to be packing up. Not only does Melbourne get crowded but the movers become booked, shops close down and roads leading out of the city get jammed.

So, planning and organisation are key to a successful relocation. For a stress-free move and plenty of time to enjoy the season with your family, here are five things you should know:

Organise your move:

Whether preparing a residential move across the state or looking to relocate the office while everyone is off gallivanting in Bali, planning the move, and starting early, is vital to getting everything done and staying sane.

Set up an easily accessible but out of the way staging area, where you can slowly start to store the least used things in your house or office. A garage or a place in your backyard that is under cover work perfectly.

Make sure to use a diary or calendar to write down your most important holiday events, so that you can plan your move around them, and start a few weeks early to leave plenty of time for family and friends when you need it.

Budget your spending:

While moving can be expensive, there are plenty of ways to save some cash. Get free cardboard boxes from your local Woolies or Liquorland to use for the move and reuse newspapers, towels and old clothes instead of buying bubble wrap.

Save money on the removalist:

The holidays are extra busy for moving companies, with some staff on holiday and customers trying to make use of their leave. Use a van hire app to move your small to medium sized belongings to your new place yourself. This will minimise the amount of time removalists spend packing things away into their track and allow them to just focus on the big stuff.

If looking to save money on a removalist you should also try to book them on a weekday. It is often the cheaper option, with the weekends more popular for busy parents and more likely to have staff shortages.

Take the opportunity to DE-clutter:

The holiday season is synonymous with shopping. Thus, what a better time to rid yourself of all the things that you no longer need. Take stock of what you want in your new digs, dispose of anything that is no longer necessary and get in the holiday cheer by donating anything that is in good condition to those in need.

Enjoy the holidays:

Moving is hard enough, so why not make a show of it! Arrange some decorations that are easy to take down later on, let the kids play with the boxes by building forts and stacking them to create a Christmas tree. Don’t forget to keep the family and kids busy as they adjust to their new space!