Moving an Antique

Useful steps For Moving an Antique Easily

An antique is a very beautiful piece of furniture but they are usually irreplaceable. When moving antiques you have to know exactly what to do so as to not be damaged. This article will give you an idea of how to move your antiques easily.

Our homes represent our personal place where we can express ourselves and mark out our personal taste. This way our homes become a place that reflects our personalities. Some people love a modern style for their home while others prefer the traditional and classic style. In any case an antique is an elegant piece that can fit any place and make it special. When the time for a move has come you should be careful because moving an antique is not as simple as it may seem. Antiques are usually irreplaceable as there are several huge and heavy pieces, but you should also be extremely careful during the relocation not to cause any damage. Not only damages may destroy the surfaces of the antique but they also diminish its value. Therefore it is obvious that the move of an antique should be made in extreme care.


I always admired my friend’s Demy antiques but I could never imagine how difficult it would be to transfer these pieces from one place to another. Demy loves antiques so her home is decorated with several pieces giving the place a special elegance. However, moving an antique is not a simple task. Recently Demy decided to transfer a huge chest of drawers to a new room. This antique, worked and sculptured in every detail consist a real piece of art that needed extra care. Considering that even the very little damage of the patina of an antique can be irreparable, Demy knew she had to cope with a difficult move. However, having a good plan of how to protect her antique during the transfer my friend made a smooth move.


Highly experienced movers should undertake the transfer of antiques, as they have the knowledge and the equipment needed to guarantee that your antiques won’t suffer damage during the transfer. Nonetheless, if you have to transfer an antique by yourselves you will find Demy’s plan very helpful. Here are five steps that will make your move easier. First of all, you have to take into account the size and the quality of your antique in order to estimate how many people and what kind of packing materials you need. You will surely need 4-5 people to help you, or even more. Antiques are usually heavy so you should better have some strong and careful people to give you a helping hand. Second, even if not padded furniture seems to be easiest to grip it is possible that scratches and bruises will occur during the move. This would be a disaster for your antique so keep in mind that antique pieces should be thoroughly padded. Use padding materials for extra protection. Many different padding materials are available in the market such as bubble wrap, mover’s blankets, cartons, and shrink foil.

Next, you should make sure that all the pads are tightly secured. This is the secret for gripping a padded piece of furniture easily. If the padding is tightened it is easier to carry it as you can grip the antique piece without causing damage. Use enough plastic movers’ tape and cover the furniture carefully. This way you will make sure that the pads won’t break loose while moving. In addition, always make sure that the sticky side of the tape does not touch the wood because it may leave marks while unpacking. Consequently, you have to organize the transfer. Have two people in the front and two others in the back in order to carry the furniture. It would be useful if you had a guy stand by so as to help if needed. Move the antique slowly and carefully one step after another. Remember not to push or pull the antique as it is fragile because of age and it is possible that some parts of wood will be broken inside of the pads. This is the reason why you have to lift or dolly the antiques. Finally, place the antique carefully to its new position. You have to make smooth and gentle moves. Don’t do it quickly, keep control of your moves because antiques are too fragile to be transferred quickly as they may be harmed. Do the unpacking carefully and your antique will be ready and most important intact.


The tips of this article can help you move your antiques easily and safe. However amateurs usually don’t know how to treat these delicate pieces that need extra care. Maybe the safest way to move antiques is to hire a reputable company that would undertake the endeavor without causing problems.