Moving Tips: How to Move a Playhouse Easily

How to Move a Cubbyhouse Easily

Playground equipment is often far too bulky and heavy to be moved without assistance. Having the right helping hands however will make this task a breeze, this article is created to help you move a cubbyhouse effectively and safely.

For many, some of the best childhood memories are created while playing in a cubbyhouse, so over time parents logically tend to choose one for their yard. Childhood is a world of unlimited imagination and games and a cubbyhouse is a workshop of dreams for children, representing their wild and wonderful microcosm. Yet when your children grow into adults and no longer need their cubbyhouse, or you may be moving house, the time may come to move your cubbyhouse and the transfer of an item as such can prove to be very difficult.

Cubbyhouses are usually too awkward and heavy to move making the job seem all too hard, on the other hand it is always worth finding a way possible to move it without breaking the bank, or your back, not only because its great value but its sentimental value too.

If choosing to accept this daunting task undoubtedly you are undertaking a demanding and difficult move, nonetheless, having a solid plan of how to overcome difficulties will make your move safer, easier and an overall a success.

Quick Pick Movers produced this article to give you all the information needed to make your move easier.



The range of difficulty of such a move depends on different factors; the type of playhouse, its dimensions and how and where you want to move it. Given that there are different materials used on cubbyhouses such as wood or plastic, this will factor into how to move your particular cubbyhouse. Plastic cubbyhouse, being much lighter than wooden ones and most resistant to weather changes, are the most frequent choice for parents when buying a cubbyhouse as they are much easier to move as and being plastic, usually come apart for easy storage and transfer.

If you’re looking to move a plastic cubbyhouse just around the backyard, you could call on a few helpful friends to move it by hands, however if your relocating the cubbyhouse to your new home its best to break it down making loading and transporting an easy job. If you are taking this challenge on yourself it is always recommended if possible to follow the manufactures instructions to dismantle the cubby house into sections In case you don’t have a copy of the instructions, it is recommended to start from the top and work your way down, wrapping the pieces in packaging materials in order to protect them from breaking and scratching, you could use bubble-wrap, newspapers, towels or even old bed sheets to wrap the pieces, secure them with tape and clearly label them and pack them away into boxes or large plastic bags, making the efforts of reassembling your cubby house much easier and quicker.

On the other hand, moving a wooden cubbyhouse will prove much more complicated, not only much heavier but more often than not wooden cubbyhouses are built into the ground, making the transfer notably harder and quite often all seems too hard. But it is always worth a try! If your cubbyhouse is built in your first challenge will be the release, use garden tools such as shovel, hoe, or pick axe to carefully dig around the base of the cubbyhouse in order to let the cubbyhouse lift up.

At this point your wooden cubbyhouse is ready to be transported to its new location. Depending on the weight of your cubbyhouse, you will need the appropriate equipment to allow you to move such a large item. For smaller cubby’s, you can usually use a flat trolley to shift the item, other cubbyhouses will require you to rent a crane to move it. ALWAYS use straps to secure your cubby house in this position on the crane or trolley and make sure it will stay secure throughout the whole procedure. Unless you have the qualifications, experience and are confident craning your own cubbyhouse, it is recommended to hire a reliable company to safely crane your cubbyhouse to smoothly and carefully manoeuvre the cubbyhouse into the truck.

Understandably many families and individuals find this task tiring and all too difficult; in this case it is best to call on a professional removalist company to complete the job for you. Not only will the cubbyhouse be moved quickly, safely and easily but you can save yourself the stress of taking on such a job and also save money as they provide all necessary tools to complete the task.

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