While moving to a new house relocating a wardrobe may be a huge brainteaser. This article is to give you some useful tips for moving a wardrobe more efficiently.

Have you ever tried to move your wardrobe to a new location? If you have tried to move a wardrobe by yourselves then you surely know have an idea of how difficult and complex the task may be. Moving huge and bulky items is not only very tiring and stressful but it can also be dangerous, given that making even the smallest mistake you may hurt yourself or your possessions.

The best way to move a heavy and bulky piece of furniture without having problems is to have a complete view of the warnings and precautions that such an endeavor means. Equally, you will surely need a good plan of how to achieve to move a huge and heavy piece of furniture, namely a wardrobe, without devoting a lot of time and absorbing your energy. To this point Quick Pick Movers are here to give you all the information you need in order to be able to move your wardrobe more easily.


As mentioned above, moving a wardrobe can be laborious, tiresome and time consuming, not to mention that such an endeavor requires special equipment and experienced movers as well. Undoubtedly, the best way to achieve a fast and safe move is to hire professional movers that have all the experience and knowledge needed in order to guarantee that our wardrobe will be transferred easily and most important safely to its new position. However, if you feel that you can undertake the move and still want to try it by yourselves you will find the professionals’ plan below extremely helpful.


To begin with, given that huge items are usually too heavy to be moved what we have to do in order to make the move easier is to eliminate the item’s weight as much as possible. Wardrobes are extremely convenient as they can fit inside a great amount of different items. However, you will never be able to move a filled wardrobe so first of all you have to empty it out of its contents. This way you can preserve accidents too as unpacked items can easily suffer damage during the transfer. Therefore, a few days before the day of the move start packing up all the wardrobe’s contents. Enclose all your possessions in cartons and secure with moving tape. If you want to make your life easier while unpacking too, mind to label the cartons as for their contents.

You can also sort the items out into categories in order to put similar things together, this way the unpacking and reorganizing of your wardrobe will much easier too. In addition, in case that your wardrobe includes drawers or shelves you should better remove them too. This way you will manage to make your furniture even lighter making the transfer much easier as well. Remove carefully all the shelves and drawers. Attention! Most people leave this task for last minute however these pieces will need to be packed too so as not to be broken or scratched during the move. Therefore, after you have packed the wardrobe’s contents mind to wrap the shelves with paper, tissues, blankets or bubble wrap. Moreover, if there are glass pieces, if the wardrobe has a glass front for instance, consider taking it off too.

If the glass pieces are not removable you can protect them covering them with bubble wrap or foamed plastic pieces. Secure the doors using moving tape in order to prevent their opening while moving. What is more, you can wrap the outside of your wardrobe too in order to protect it against damages and dirt. Accidents are very often while moving, so if you don’t want your furniture to be scratched or bruised use moving blankets to wrap the outside. Secure the wrapping with stripes or moving tape. Finally, if your wardrobe is too heavy to be carried in hands, you can use a trolley/dolly to carry it with, or in case that the furniture is too large to be carried or passed through doors and narrow passages mind taking it apart.


The plan above will help you achieve an easier and safer move giving you the chance to reduce the chances of mistakes and accidents. Nonetheless only professional movers can guarantee that nothing will go wrong and that your furniture will be transferred to your new house as fast and safe as possible. Consider the option of an even easier move and hire a reputable and cheap furniture removalists company that will undertake the move helping you save a lot of time and great effort.