Packing Tips


Keep the following supplies handy for packing boxes

  • Boxes
  • Marking pen
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Newspaper/tissue paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure

Quick Pick Movers have created these packing tips to help you be prepared and keep your items safe while moving home;


We can provide you with any packaging material you may need to look after your items during your move such as boxes, bubble wrap etc. However, why not save some money where you can? Ask friends and family who have recently moved or work in stores for second-hand boxes and their old newspapers. Start collecting boxes here and there a month or two prior to your move and more often than not it’s possible to get enough boxes to contain your house contents just through good will.


Packing can seem overwhelming and all too hard when viewed in perspective of a whole house. Therefore packing one room at a time has the effect of dividing the overall task into smaller, more manageable jobs making it much less daunting. This approach will allow you to set realistic goals, create a list of day-by-day tasks and detail what room you will pack on what day. Try to coordinate boxes with relative goods and label each and every container so if you do for any reason unexpectedly need an item after it’s packed, you will know exactly where it is.


In all containers all breakable items should be wrapped individually with newspaper/bubble wrap and you should also line to bottom, top and sides on the container with newspaper for extra protection. Fragile items like plates should be wrapped in newspaper and stacked upright. Time will be saved on your move if you arrange boxes of similar size and weight , this enables safe transit and the cartons can then easily be transported by trolley from the house to the truck, or vice versa!


Fill all cartons to the top, but never overfill. Boxes with items sticking out the top cannot be properly closed or stacked, breaking items enclosed in the box. Boxes that are under filled ae equally as risky as they tend to crush when stacked. Always make sure each box is safely packed to the top before closing, a small space at the top of the box will allow you to fill with newspaper, bubble wrap, blanket or anything to add extra padding and protection.