Piano movers Boronia to Rowville

Piano Movers Rowville

Jill called Quick Pick Movers looking for a Rowville Piano Mover. She wanted to move her piano from Boronia to Rowville. The Piano was very sentimental to her and she wanted to gift it to her daughter. Even though the Piano was not worth much financially, it was a very prized musical instrument in Jill’s family.

Jill had called several other Piano Removalists in Melbourne, but none seem to understand that insurance was not as important as guaranteeing a damage-free move as the item could not be replaced as it had been in their family for generations. When Jill spoke with us, we started asking specific questions about the size and access of the piano, how it was moved in and spoke at length to address and overcome any risks of damage.

Jill felt comfortable she was moving with a  reputable piano moving company who would make sure the piano would arrive at her daughter’s home in the same condition that it left her home. Jill booked in with Quick Pick Movers and two of our senior removalists were assigned the job.

Our men called on approach and gave Jill thirty minutes notice (as requested) so she could get ready and meet them there as she had to pop out of work to let them in.

On arrival in Boronia, the men reversed the truck into the driveway, so the hydraulic tailgate faced the home and would provide for a safe and easy path of access to load the piano.

Both men then proceeded to meet Jill at the front door and view with her all the entrances to the home to see which one would allow the men to move the piano in the safest way. The men chose a double door entrance and utilised their ramp to overcome the stairs to create a smooth and clear path.

The piano was loaded onto the foot-operated tailgate and both men held the piano while the tailgate was raised. The piano was then double blanketed with thick, professional movers blankets to prevent any scratched or dents during transportation. The piano was then securely tied in with soft ties to prevent any accidental damage to the piano.

Before leaving Boronia, the men then called Jill’s daughter with an estimated time of arrival in Rowville. In Rowville, the men once again reversed the tuck into the driveway to provide clear access to the home from the loading point. Just as they did in Boronia, then men met Jill’s daughter at the front door and together viewed all the available access points to get the Piano into the home.  The rear access was chosen as it had a wider entrance and was closer to where Jill’s daughter wanted the piano to go, thus reducing the chance of damage.

The men removed the ties and blankets and moved the piano into the home. They then placed coasters underneath the four wheels to prevent damage to floorboards and lifted the piano into place.

Piano Movers Boronia

The piano moving job from Boronia to Rowville was a great success, no damage occurred and both Jill and her daughter were super happy they went with professional piano movers like Quick Pick Movers. The total cost for the job was $220 and Jill said she was so relieved the piano had been moved and that everything we said would do occurred without a hitch.

If you would like a professional piano move in Melbourne, then contact Quick Pick Movers.