Pool Table Removal Hampton Park from Narre Warren South

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Manpreet requested our pool table removal Hampton Park service to move a pool table from Michael in Narre Warren South to his home in Hampton Park. Manpreet and a few friends tried to move the slate based pool table over the weekend but never had the correct equipment or experience to move the pool table without damage.

We told Manpreet that for pool table removals we use a foot-operated hydraulic tailgate, a 1-tonne pool table dolly and three men in general. The pool table location in Narre Warren South had a very steep driveway and due to the weight of the pool table, we recommend three men to hold the pool table as it comes down the driveway. The delivery address for the pool table in Hampton Park also had ten stairs in the front of the home and a meter rise to the porch at the rear of the property. This would mean again three men would be required to load the ramp into position and also push the pool table up the steep incline. The actual size of the pool table was only eight-foot so it was manageable with only a three-man removal team if you had the experience and the correct pool table equipment.

Manpreet felt comfortable that we had the experience and skills to provide him pool table removal services and we assured him that we have moved over a thousand pool tables over the past ten years.

We chose to use the smallest pool table removal truck we had in order to get as close as possible to the loading point. A longer pool table removal truck would have bottomed out too soon which would make the driveway even steeper. Both pool table removal trucks had a hydraulic tailgate so they would be able to load the pool table with ease. On arrival in Narre Warren South, one removalist reversed the truck backward up the driveway, while the other mover made sure the truck did not scratch the driveway as it started to bottom out towards the end.

Manpreet and his friends had already removed all the legs from the pool table and this actually made it harder to move as now we would have to lift the entire weight of the pool table rather than the supported weight of half the pool table. With three pool table removalists and our experience, we managed to lift the pool table and place a dolly underneath it for easy manoeuvring. The movers moved the pool table into the back of the moving truck and protected the pool table and its legs and securely tied it in.

We called Manpreet to confirm his address and also provide him with an eta to Hampton Park. On arrival in Hampton Park, we reversed the removal truck backwards up the driveway to get as close as we could to the unloading point. We moved the pool table into position and then removed the ramp from the truck to gain access to the home. All three removalists pushed the pool table up the steep incline of the ramp, all the time making sure it was steady and safe.

Once inside the home, we professionally reassembled the pool table. Manpreet thanked us for all our hard work and asked for our business card as when he moved out of his current home, he wanted the same professional pool table removalists to assist him. If you are looking for pool table removal in Hampton Park, then contact us.

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