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Luke called looking for pool table removals in Hillside. He had sold his home and needed to move his pool table in the same suburb. He was hoping to move it himself with a friend but when they tried they realised that they never had the correct equipment or the experience, plus the pool table was seriously heavy.

Luke asked if we had moved pool tables before and we told him we move over 60 a month and have moved over 1000 since we opened. He asked about insurance and we let him know everything was fully insured. The home at pickup in Hillside was insured and the delivery home also in Hillside was insured, and lastly, the pool table was insured.

Luke apologised for leaving it so late but the table needed to be out of the home in Hillside within 24 hours as the property was settling. Also, he was working so he could not be there but asked us if we could do it today and contact his father and we said what we always say when a customer is in a stressful situation, “not a problem we will take care of it”.

We contacted Luke’s father and provided an estimated arrival time based on google maps and off we went to go assist a client in need.

On arrival in Hillside, we backed the truck into the driveway and lowered the hydraulic tailgate to get ready for the pool table removal.

We met Lukes dad at the front door and viewed the pool table and all the exit points within the home. We chose to go through the garage as this gave wide access directly to the truck and minimised any turns. We unloaded the pool table trolley and placed it next to the pool table.

We inspected the pool table to determine what time of pool table it was. The pool table was 8ft and was a lift-off with a slide-out draw. We then proceeded to lift up the pool table and lay a thick padded blanket underneath the pool table to prevent scratching or denting of the wood. Bob and Adam then manoeuvred the pool table top to the tipping point and gently lowered it onto the pool table trolley.

We then wheeled the pool table top into the truck using the foot controls on the tailgate to ensure we both had two hands on the pool table at all times. Once inside the truck, we moved the pool table to the rear of the truck and close to the wall. We then proceeded to double blanket the pool table to prevent damage while being transported. Lastly, we tied the pool table in with multiple soft ties to make sure it never moved and no damage could occur.

Removalists Hillside

Bob and Adam then double-checked the delivery address details of the Hillside home with Luke’s dad, who confirmed the details we had were correct.

We followed the client to the delivery address which was around the corner. We then backed the truck in the driveway in Hillside and then Adam lowered the tailgate in preparation for unloading the pool table, while Bob went through the home looking at the best access point to bring the pool table into the home.

Bob selected the front door as the other locations had multiple stairs and turn to get the front room, which is where Luke wanted the pool table to be.

We then moved the pool table base into the room and reattached the six pool table legs on the frame. We then measured the centre of the room using a tape measure. Both removalists went back to the truck to remove the blankets and prepare the pool table to move moved on the trolley.

Both movers held the pool table with two hands while they lowered the tailgate using the foot controls. Once the pool table was inside the home and next to the base, the men lifted the pool table top into position.

Luke’s father complimented the thoughtful and professional attitude of the movers and said he could see we were professional pool table removalists based on how careful and precise we were.

If you live in Hillside and need a pool table removal, then give Quick Pick Movers Home Removalists Melbourne a call.