Pool Table Removal Hoppers Crossing to Kew

pool table removal hoppers crossing

Tori called looking for Pool Table removal from Hoppers Crossing to Kew for her workplace. As the office manager, the owner of the business needed to make some room for more stock and asked Tori to contact a pool table moving specialist to move the office pool table to the owners home.

Tori called Quick Pick Movers to move the pool table from the office in Hoppers Crossing to the owners home in Kew. Tori also asked if we could also move two other pieces of furniture at the same time and of course, it was not a problem.

The pool table had already been partially dismantled and we asked Tori to send through some pictures of the pool table top, pool table frame and the pool table legs just to make sure the move would run smoothly.

The pool table was a standard eight-foot pool table with six legs. I reassured Tori that we have over a decade of experience moving pool tables. We also have full insurance, which covers not only the pool table but also the Hoppers Crossing factory and the Kew home. Even in the unlikely event of damage, Quick Pick Movers would cover the cost of the excess for the insurance claim with CGU.

Tori booked in with Quick Pick Movers Home Removalists Melbourne knowing she was dealing with experienced and professional pool table removalists.

The pool table movers arrived in Hopper Crossing at the prearranged time. One of the movers met with Tori to see the pool table and the other furniture, while the first removalist prepared the removals truck and lowered tailgate.

Both movers then went to the pool table. As it was already dismantled they lifted one side of the pool table and placed two folded blankets under the side, so it would not dent or scratch when they lifted it. One mover then lifted the pool table up while the other removalist places a dolly under the pool table.

One man lowered the pool table, while the other man held the pool table trolley in place. Both removalists then wheeled the pool table to the tailgate of the truck. With both hands on the pool table, they used the foot controls to lift the tailgate so the platform became level with the storage box. The movers then placed double padded blankets on the pool table and tied it into the side and rear wall to prevent any movement. The movers then loaded, blanketed and tied in the other two items of furniture and confirmed the contact person and delivery address once more with Tori.

As the moving truck headed to Kew, one of the pool table removalists called Cameron to provide him with an eta. On arrival in Kew, the men parked the moving truck as close to the Kew home as possible. Cameron showed the removalists where he wanted the pool table go and the prefered direction he wished the pool table to be located. The men unloaded the other home furniture into the garage as requested by Cameron.

The removalists then removed the blankets and ties form the pool table and wheeled it into Cameron’s home. They then unblanketed the six pool table legs they had padded in Hoppers Crossing and proceeded to attach the legs and balance the table in Cameron’s Kew home.

Cameron thanked the men for the fast and easy removal of his pool table. If you are looking for a pool table removal, then contact Quick Pick Movers.

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