Pool Table Removal Narre Warren South to Keilor

pool table removal narre warren south

Victoria booked our pool table removal Narre Warren South to Keilor service to surprise her father with a pool table on his birthday.

We spoke with Veronica to get more information about the pool table. We asked how many legs the pool table had and Victoria said six. We asked how many pieces of slate made up the poll table and Veronica told us it was a 9ft foot single slate table. We asked if there are any stairs or steps in Narre Warren South and Veronica said no the pool table was located on the ground floor with two steps to get it into the moving truck. We asked if there was any stairs or steps in Keilor and Veronica said yes, the pool table would need to come down a spiral staircase. We asked if the home had any other access and Victoria said if we walk the long way through the home and entered via the side road, we could avoid the stairs. We assured Veronica that this was the most cost-effective and safest way to move her pool table.

We booked the pool table removal in and Veronica said her mum and sister would be there but it was a surprise for her father, so could we delivery it first thing in the morning, while he was at work?

We said not a problem and booked the pool table move for the first job in the day.

We arrived in Narre Warren North and spoke with Jut who was there to meet us. The pool table was in the rear of the property and there was furniture we needed to move to be able to safely remove the pool table. We removed three of the legs on the one side of the pool table and then gently lowered the pool table onto the flat dolly. Three movers then lifted the pool table onto the dolly. One mover held the pool table while the other two removalists removed the remaining pool table legs.

With the pool table top and legs now separate, the movers wheeled the pool table top into the moving truck and blanketed and securely tied it in. The pool table legs were wrapped and placed in the truck to prevent scratching or denting. Jut’s furniture was moved back into place before the movers left.

The pool table removalists then called Veronica with an eta to Keilor and proceed with the pool table on board. On arrival in Keilor, the pool table movers reversed the truck into the side street to obtain ground floor access for delivery. Veronica heard the removal truck reversing and came out to meet the pool table removalists. The movers unloaded all six pool table legs first into the room and then discussed with Veronica the location and direction she would like the pool table to be. The removalists then went back to the moving truck to collect the pool table top and wheel it into the home.

Once the pool table was in the correct location the men reattached the three top legs and then lowered the pool table down gently. Two movers then lifted the pool table while the third mover placed the remaining three legs on the other side. All pool table legs were tightened for safety.

Victoria was thrilled with her pool table removal and was very excited to surprise her father. If you or your family would like too book a pool table removal, then please contact Quick Pick Movers.

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