Pool Table Movers Melbourne

Billiard tables are large, heavy and awkwardly shaped, with a cloth surface that can be easily damaged if exposed to sharp edges. Moving a billiard table is not a job for the inexperienced or ill-equipped.
That’s why you need a specialist that has expertise and experience in safely and successfully moving billiard tables.
Quick Pick Movers has moved hundreds of pool tables over the past few years into their new homes in the family room upstairs, in the games room in the basement, in the garage or at the beach house.

pool table movers melbourne

Some extra skills needed to move pool tables

Most pool tables need to be partially disassembled to make transport possible, so you need a specialist who has skill and experience in the field and who will provide some extra care and attention to detail.

Quick Pick Movers has the experience and expertise to:
  • Remove the legs from your pool table.
  • Safely manoeuvre it through the house on the correct trolley and lift it into our truck using a hydraulic hoist.
  • Secure it properly in our truck for transport to its new location.
  • Safely remove it from our truck and carefully reassemble it in its new home.

Choose Quick Pick Movers as your pool table removalists

Make Quick Pick Movers your first choice for moving your pool table around Melbourne, from the country to Melbourne, or from Melbourne to regional or rural Victoria.

  • Cheap pool table movers – Quick Pick Movers offers top-quality service at a fair price all around metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria.
  • Specialist pool table and billiard table movers – we have performed hundreds of pool table and billiard table moves around Melbourne and Victoria, which have built our skills and experience.
  • Reduced price with a house move – you get a 50% discount on your billiard table move if it is done as part of moving your house contents.
  • Prompt and professional – our uniformed staff members take pride in their work and will arrive on time with the right tools and equipment.
  • Insurance protection – in the unlikely event of damage to your pool table during the move, you can rest assured that we have full insurance cover.

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Quick Pick Movers is the moving company to call when you are seeking to safely move a pool table around Melbourne and Victoria. We offer a reliable, cost effective specialist service. Call us today on 1300 440 716.

Payments methods

50% off

Reduced price with a house move – you get a 50% discount on your pool table move


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