Relocating a Gazebo

A gazebo seems like the best idea in the world, until it comes time to relocate it. A gazebo move is never going to be an easy task, especially if you are taking the challenge on without the assistance of professionals. This article is created to help you find all the required information on how to achieve a smooth move.

What could provide you with hours of entertainment and create better ambiance in your yard more than a gazebo? An all-year-round treat for the whole family where you can dream away your stress, enjoy social time with friends or family or wind down after a long day with a book and a coffee. Gazebos add elegance to any garden and create a picturesque image seemingly straight out of a fairy-tale, however that fairy-tale can quickly turn into a nightmare when the time comes to relocate your gazebo and the reality of the puzzling job before you settles in.

Relocations of any sort are tiring and physical but when it comes to a relocation of this proportion it can prove risky, uncertain and even dangerous so it is highly recommended to have the suitable assistance when taking on this job. It is a MUST to have a detailed plan of attack of what to do and how to keep safe if you are about to try for yourself.


There are many reasons you may want to relocate your gazebo, but only a few ways this can be possible. You may have just bought a new home with a gazebo and want to shift it to a more preferable place in the garden, or you’re moving a gazebo to your new residence… either way there is no way it will be an easy job. Regardless whether you are moving the gazebo just a few feet in the garden or transporting it to a whole new suburb the risk always remains great purely based on the weight and bulkiness of the item, creating risk of causing permanent damage to the gazebo, or worst, yourself. Your first concern should be to guarantee yourself a safe move through careful planning and preparation.

You have two options when moving a gazebo, depending on the most suitable option you will be moving the gazebo either in one whole piece, or dismantled and broken down into sections. If you want it moved in one piece you have a few options, the easiest but obviously more expensive choice is to call a crane company to have a look and see if they can access the gazebo, alternatively if it’s a DIY job it is still possible! First dig around the base of the gazebo creating an access point where you can place a car jack near the base of the gazebo and jack it up out of its position. If possible you can always jack the base up and place logs under it to roll it if you are just moving it a few feet. If you are dismantling the gazebo always start from the top and work your way down. Begin at the top releasing the roof and work your way down the frame or pillars and finally the base. Once the base is left you will be able to car jack up the base and trolley it to its new destination or to the truck to relocate it.

If you have now dismantled your gazebo all the hard work is done, all you need to do now is individually wrap sections and clearly label them making reassembly a breeze! All you have to do now is walk them to their new location or the truck, load them accordingly and then follow the same procedure to put your gazebo back together.

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