Relocating a Washing Machine

Relocating A Washing Machine Fast And Easily

Moving large appliances may be a brainteaser as they are too heavy and bulky to be moved. However having a good idea of how to cope with this challenge may make things simpler. The following article is to give you the information you need so as to move your washing machine fast and easily.

Most of the home equipment that we own is not movable. Usually large and heavy appliances, namely a washing machine, lack wheels that would make their transport easy. Thus what would you do if you had to move your washing machine downstairs, or in case you changed residence? Hiring professional movers would be the safest and easiest option, as they have all the experience needed to guarantee that your appliance will be transferred to its new position fast and with no damages.

On the other hand, you may want to take this challenge and try to move your washing machine by yourselves. In this case you will surely need some sort of guidance so as not to hurt yourselves or damage your appliance. To this point we give you the information that would help you make your move a breeze.


Moving a washing machine is not actually considered to be easy. Given that it is too heavy and bulky to be moved and while it does not have wheels or other features that would facilitate its relocation, such an endeavor requires a lot of patience, right guidance and special equipment. Take a deep breath, have some friends to help you and follow our plan. Then you’ll find out that your move can be enjoyable!


First and foremost, disconnect your washing machine before you try to move it and secure the cords. This is the first and the most important step of the task in order to secure your washer’s function.

Normally, disassemble should be done at least three days before the move. Thus, to begin with, you have to unplug the power source and wrap the cord, you can use some tape in order to secure the cord. Then you have to flip off the water supply and turn off the water shutoff valves. Keep in mind that there may be some water left in the water hose so mind to use a towel or a bowl to seize it if needed. There is an extra smart moving tip too if you want to eliminate the washer’s weight to minimum. Use an absorbent towel to take away internal moisture. Then leave the machine door open for one day or so in order to let air dry the interior completely.

Step two. Home equipment may be damaged during its relocation. Bumps and scratches could cause permanent damages to the appliances’ surface. This is the reason why packing up is more than necessary when you transfer appliances. Use moving blankets or bubble wrap to protect your washing machine against scratching and secure with a lot of tape. It would also be a good idea to use corner protectors. Then your washing machine will be ready to move.

If you are moving the appliance from one room to another inside the house you can easily slide it on the floor just pushing from behind. In this case you have to put a moving blanket underneath the washing machine in order to protect it from scratching and in order to make sure that you won’t damage your floor too. Nonetheless, if you are moving the appliance long distance things are a bit more complicated. You cannot slide the appliance too long while it is almost impossible to carry it by hands.

The best possible option would be an upright dolly. Rent or borrow one from friends and place carefully your washing machine on it in an upright position. To do that you will need some friends to help you, one should lift a bit the front of the washer while another will pull the dolly underneath the appliance. Move slowly and carefully the dolly to the new location. In case you have to negotiate stairs you may have to secure the washing machine on the dolly. Use bands or straps to secure the appliance and move the dolly carefully one step after another up or down the stairs.


Following our advice you will be able to move your washing machine more easily while eliminating the risks of damage. However, no one can guarantee that nothing wrong will occur during the move but professionals. Consider the option of a cheap and reputable furniture removalists company and thanks to their experience and knowledge you will be sure that your washing machine will be transferred easily but most important safely.