Removalist Caulfield North to Carrum

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Sebastian searched for Removalist Caulfied North and then Removalists Carrum and saw that Quick Pick Movers Home Removalists Melbourne provided removals in both suburbs. He called us to get a quote and check our availability.

He said he had a two-bedroom home with good access for a removal truck. We asked if there were any height, length or width restrictions. Sebastian said there was no problem when he moved into Caulfield North last time, but the truck did have to park outside as there was no parking available for moving trucks. We looked on the maps to see the Carrum property access and never saw any issues for a 39m3 moving truck.

We confirmed Sebastian’s moving details and then emailed him a copy of his moving summary. He asked about our free moving boxes and we told him that he could come and collect as many moving boxes he needed.

On arrival in Caulfield North, the movers parked the removal truck facing the tailgate as close as possible to the entrance to the property. This way the movers could load the truck faster and reduce the total cost of moving for Sebastian.

Sebastian had some heavy and large furniture. As the movers are experienced and have the correct moving equipment, they utilised their moving straps to lift the item to get it out of the home and then a moving dolly to move the item to the tailgate. They blanketed all furniture and made sure no wooden furniture was next to metal furniture to prevent denting during transport to Carrum.

Once all the home furniture was loaded, the removalists and Sebastian quickly went through the Caulfield North home to make sure all furniture had been removed before them men left to Carrum.

The movers gave Sebastian an eta to Carrum based on the removal trucks GPS leaving from Caulfield North.

On arrival in Carrum, the movers positioned the removal truck in the closest and safest position possible. They utilised traffic cones to signal to people and cards that furniture was being unloaded. The removal truck was unloaded very quickly and Sebastian told them removalists where he wanted each piece of furniture.

Sebastian was very happy with the total move and said he would definitely use and recommend us to family and friends.

If you are looking for removalists in Carrum or a removalist in Caulfield North, then please contact us.

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