Removalist Seddon to Daylesford

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Mark called Quick Pick Movers Home Removalists Melbourne and requested our removalist Seddon service to move him from Seddon to Daylesford. Mark said his Seddon home was two bedrooms and his Daylesford home was three bedrooms. We asked if he had any additional furniture in his garage or shed at Seddon. He said no, it’s a standard two-bedroom home.

Based on our removal discussions with Mark, we chose a 39m3 moving truck, which moves the average two-bedroom. We then checked the Seddon address and the Daylesford addresses to make sure we had a clearance of at least 3.8m.

Mark requested a Friday to move, as this was his day off work. We looked for the next free Friday and booked Mark in for his move.

We put together a removal team for Mark consisting of Bob, a lead removalist and Fernando an experienced mover.

A moving summary was sent to Mark via email, so he had all the details of his move in writing.

On arrival in Seddon, the removalists backed the moving truck to the closest loading point at the home. The movers and Mark went inside the Seddon home to review all the furniture so the movers could plan for loading. The removalists then loaded the truck by wrapping all furniture in thick removal blankets and tying the furniture in securely for transport.

Once the removals truck was loaded Mark and the movers did one last walk through the Seddon home to make sure all furniture had been removed. One removalist locked the truck up, while the other mover confirmed the delivery address and eta to Daylesford with Mark.

On arrival in Daylesford, one mover parked the removal truck, while the other removalist went into the Daylesford property with Mark to plan the unloading process and see where Mark wanted the main furniture to be located.

Both removalists unloaded all the furniture in rapid fashion and without any damage. Mark was really impressed with how accurate the moving quote was and also how the removal was done professionally with any issues or delays.  If you would like a stress-free move, in Seddon or Daylesford, then why not get an instant quote now.

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