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Andrew was looking for a Boronia Removalist to move him from his current home in Boronia to his new home in Skye. He was on a lunch break at work so just wanted a quick rundown on how we worked as removalists and if we provided removals in Boronia and Skye.

We informed him how we charge as removalists, what skills and experience our movers have and how many years we have been operating as a furniture removals company. He thanked us for the quick removals industry summary and were Quick Pick Movers Home Removalists Melbourne fitted in. He would call back when he got home and had more time.

He called at 7:00 pm and asked what was the next Saturday we had available. We gave him the choice to move this Saturday as a second move of the day or next Saturday as the first home removal of the day. Andrew wanted to move sooner, rather than later so he selected to move this Saturday as the second home removal job of the day.

We took down all the details and confirmed the pricing and sent Andrew a moving summary via email so he had transparency into his move.

Once the removalists had completed the previous move for the day, they called Andrew and provided him with an eta to Boronia. The movers also told Andrew that they would fill up the moving truck before coming to him as they never wanted to fill up on his time.

The men arrived in Boronia and went to inspect the furniture with Andrew. The home was a three-bedroom home but was very lightly furnished and had nothing in the garage or shed so the office had selected a 39m3 truck. The moving truck was a perfect fit and all the furniture was protected and tied in securely.

The removalists then walked through the property with Andrew to make sure all furniture had been taken and no furniture was left behind. The movers then confirmed the delivery address in Skye with Andrew and provided him with an eta based on the moving trucks GPS.

The movers headed to Skye and Andrew said he would lock up the Boronia home, take the keys to the real estate agent and meet them in Skye.

On arrival in Skye they movers hopped out the truck and while they waited for Andrew to arrive from the real estate agent, they looked at all the entrances to the home and also the layout of the home, so they could plan the unloading of the moving truck to get a head start.

By the time Andrew had arrived, the removalists had unloaded most of the furniture at each entry point ready for a fast move in. Andrew complimented the movers on their proactive approach to home removals.

With another satisfied customer, the movers headed back to depo. If you or anyone you know is looking for a removalist in Boronia or a removalist in Skye, then please contact Quick Pick Movers.

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