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Janine contacted Quick Pick Movers home removalists Melbourne to enquire about our Removalists Brunswick and Removals Thornbury moving services. Janine had a two-bedroom home she needed to move from Brunswick to Thornbury.

Janine was a returning client and requested the same movers, Bob & Blaze who moved her last time. We remember that when moving Janine last time, we had to park on the street as there was no driveway access for the truck. Janine informed us that is correct for Brunswick and for Thornbury she was the last rear unit and driveway access was good.

We confirmed with Janine that last time she had used a 39m3 moving truck and asked if there were any additional or less furniture that we would be moving during her move. Janine confirmed that this move would be identical to the last move but in the different delivery suburb of Thornbury.

We then asked Janine if she prefered a weekday or weekend to move and she said she was free to move on Thursday in two weeks. We booked her in as the first move of the day.

We then emailed Janine a confirmation of her removal summary so she had all the information required for a transparent move.

The moving truck arrived in Brunswick at the agreed time of 07:45 am. Janine had used her and her flatmate’s car to keep us a spot so we could park the removals truck as close to the entrance to her home as possible.

One mover lowered the truck’s tailgate, while the other removalist went into the home with Janine to itemise all her furniture to be removed. Both movers then started to load the home furniture into the removal truck. Janine’s furniture was protected with thick moving blankets and tied into to prevent scratching or damage. Once all the furniture had been loaded, the movers offered to take the pot plants as they had floor space left in the moving truck.

Janine thanked the movers for being so proactive and since the pot plants were dry and we had room, she agreed it would be really helpful and appreciated.

The removalists confirmed the delivery address in Thornbury and then headed off. Janine met the moving truck there. One mover backed the removals truck down the shared driveway, while the other removalist guided the removal truck down the long driveway.

Both movers asked Janine where to place the pot plans and also the furniture. Janine thanked the removalists for helping her move and for their friendly and efficient work.

If you or anyone you know needs removalists in Brunswick or removals in Thornbury, then please get an instant quote.

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