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Removalists Cranbourne

Rodney called us looking for a removalist to move him from Cranbourne to Yarrawonga. He had used our service before when he was looking for a Melbourne Removalist and saw that we also offered Victoria wide moving services.

He requested two moving men and we selected our victorian removalist driver; Marvin and our Melbourne removalist offsider; Fernando. Both movers often work with each other and complement each other’s skill set.

Rodney wanted to know when moving from Melbourne to Victoria if we needed to move and store his home furniture, or we would move the furniture all in one day. We told Rodney that the choice was entirely up to him. We could offer him moving and storage services or just removal services. Rodney chose to move directly as it would save him hotel costs because he had sold his Cranbourne home and his Yarrawonga property had already settled.

We booked Rodney in for a 07:00 am move so we could make sure we were not moving at night, which would mean a faster, cheaper and safer move.

On the phone, we confirmed all the details of the job to make sure no errors existed. We then emailed Rodney a copy of the removalists run sheet for transparency and to act as a final pre-move check. Rodney gave the thumbs up and we were all ready to move him.

As we previously moved Rodney into his Cranbourne home, we knew the home well and reversed the removals truck up to the nearest loading point at the Cranbourne home. The men then went into the property and started to stack, protect and securely tie all furniture. Some furniture would be safer moved disassembled as there were nearly four hours of travel, so these items were partially disassembled by the moving men. After the truck was loaded, the removalists then did one last tour of the home, garage and shed with Rodney to make sure no furniture was forgotten.

The movers then confirmed the Yarrawonga address with Rodney and asked if he would like them to take or avoid the tollways while driving the moving truck. The two removalists and Rodney used the truck GPS and also google maps to see if there were any cost or time benefits from avoiding the tolls. All three people agreed the tolls would be faster and cheaper for Rodney. The movers gave Rodney an ETA based on the moving truck GPS and set off to Yarrawonga.

On arrival in Yarrawonga, the movers backed the moving truck into the driveway of the new home in Yarrawonga, for fast and safe unloading. Rodney gave the removalists a tour of the property and ran through what furniture would go in each room. Both movers worked tirelessly and unpacked the moving truck in record time without any damage to Rodney’s furniture.

Rodney thanked his removal team and knew he had made a good choice selecting Quick Pick Movers Home Removalists Melbourne to move him from Cranbourne to Yarrawonga.

If you are looking for removalists to move you from Cranbourne to Yarrawonga, give us a call!

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