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Ray called Quick Pick Movers as he was looking for removalists in Doncaster East. He was moving in the same suburb so wanted someone who serviced the area with no call out fee. We assured Ray that our removal charges started when we arrived in Doncaster East to pick-up his home furniture and we stopped charging for his move when we finished unloading his home furniture at the delivery address in Doncaster East. We said, in summary, there is no additional fee to get to Doncaster East and there is no additional fee to return from Doncaster East.

Ray felt comfortable to book us in and had been recommended to move with us by a friend who used our removal services the previous month. Ray had a four-bedroom he needed removalists for and he also wanted to know how many boxes he should get. We said the average home his size would need roughly fifty moving boxes.

Ray was moving from a home into a block of units and said he needed a guaranteed arrival time as he needed to book the building lift for removals. We told Ray he needed to book in as the first move of the day as this would provide him with a guaranteed arrival time to move.

Later that day, Ray arrived at our office and booked in and picked up fifty moving boxes to get started on packing his home.

On arrival at Doncaster East, one mover backed the removal truck into the driveway. The other mover knocked on the door and started to tour the home with Ray to view the home furniture that was going to be transported. Ray pointed out two antique pieces of furniture that he wanted extra special protection applied and the men double blanketed them and put them in last so they were not be next to any other furniture.

The removalists loaded the home furniture and boxes into the removal truck without any issues or damage. Ray said he could see why his friend recommended us to do the move for him and told the movers that they were the best removalists he had used. They paid attention to details and were friendly and highly skilled at moving.

The removalists confirmed the Doncaster East delivery address and Ray informed them that the truck would not fit in the unit block, so the best place to park would be on the main road. The movers arrived in Doncaster East and positioned the moving truck right outside the unit block. Traffic cones were used for safety to show pedestrians and other motorists that furniture removal was in progress and a moving truck was blocking one of the three lanes.

The movers then made sure the lift was padded for protection so that neither the lift or Rays furniture would be scratched or dented during the loading or unloading into the lift.

The job was finished and Ray was grateful for the removalists assistance. If you are looking for a Doncaster East Removalist, call us.

removalists doncaster east