Removalists Epping to Mill Park

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Veneki called home removalists Melbourne as he was looking for an Epping removalist and had used us to move him before. He was moving his home from Epping to Mill park and as such thought us we were also Mill Park removalists.

He apologised as he had left it late to call and book for Thursday. He was waiting to hear back from the real estate agent if the repairs on the Mill Park property were completed. As soon the real estate agent gave the go-ahead, he knew he had to contact Melbourne removalists.

As he was a returning client, we were able to book in his home move as the second job of the day. The same two removalists, Bob and Blaze said they were happy to help Veneki out.

We ran through his previous move and he said this time the only additional or special item as a commercial cross-trainer.  Veneki said there was no stairs or steps at either Epping or Mill Park. We explained the men have various equipment such as moving dollys, removalists trolleys and movers straps, so the cross trainer would not be a problem to move.

We booked Veneki’s move in and said we look forward to providing him removal services from Epping to Mill Park on Thursday.

The movers finished their first move of the day and then proceeded to call Veneki to provide an eta to Epping. Veneki was given an approximate time of arrival using the GPS in the removalist truck.

When the removalists arrived in Epping, one mover backed the truck into the driveway, while the other removalist guided the truck to the closest loading point at the Epping home. The movers then went with Veneki into the home to see what items of furniture would be coming from Epping to Mill Park.

The removalists loaded the truck and made sure all home furniture was securely tied in and protected. The cross trainer was loaded last. Due to its weight and shape, it is considered a non-stackable piece of furniture. The movers then doubled checked the Mill Park delivery address and proceeded en route to Mill Park.

Arriving in Mill Park the movers backed the truck into the driveway, so the tailgate faced the closest loading point in the Mill park property. The movers then toured the home with Veneki to see where all the home furniture would be placed.

Veneki said the removalists unloaded his home furniture in record time and even the cross trainer was not a problem for these professional movers. If you or your family are looking to move from Epping to Mill Park, then why not get an instant quote?

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