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Removalists Keysborough

Richard, a repeat client from Keysborough called Adam directly to book a removalist to Victoria. Earlier in the year, our team had moved Richard to storage in preparation for the sale of his home and his retirement move to McKenzie Hill. Richard was very happy with his move time and left an excellent review for the moving men. He told me he likes how our quotes are accurate and we operate a door to door service with no additional or hidden costs. He said he appreciated we are fully insured and the men are so skilled he had never needed to claim for any of his moves.

He wanted to start as early as possible so we booked him in for a 7:00 am move. We knew the quantity of his furniture was 39m3 as it all fitted ina 20-foot storage container when we moved him last time. We sent a 44m3 moving truck just in case we needed to pick up any additional furniture along the way.

Richard requested Marvin and Blaze as these were the two moving men who moved him last time and they packed the storage container and are familiar with his furniture.

Once the booking was processed, we sent Richard an email confirmation so he had all the information in writing to make sure his removal service was open and transparent.

On moving day, the removalists arrived in the 44m3 truck in Keyboruough as promised at 7 am. They both greeted Richard and since they knew the facility well and which container was Richard, they backed the truck all the way to the loading point to make the job run smoothly and reduce the risk of damage.

They inspected all the furniture while loading, blanketing and tieing in to make sure no water or rodent damage had occurred in the storage container and of course no damage had occurred and all the home furniture was in the same perfect condition they had left it in.

Richard also had some workshop tools and furniture he wanted to add and the movers said it would not be a problem as they had more than enough storage space in the removal truck. Once the movers had finished loading the moving truck, they checked with Richard all furniture had been loaded and that there were no other items Richard wished to add.

The men confirmed the delivery address in McKenzie Hill and off they went on the two-hour drive. On arrival in McKenzie Hill Richard gave the men a quick tour of the home explaining where he wanted the furniture to go in each room. The movers unpacked the moving truck in a really efficient manner and all items once again arrived in Richard’s home with no damage and with lightning speed.

Richard said thank you to the removalists and complimented them on another skilful delivery with efficiency.

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Removalists McKenzie Hill