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Louise called and booked in our removalists Mill Park and removals Romsey moving services to move her family from Mill Park to Romsey. She was a returning client and was more than happy to book us straight in. Louise asked if she could please have the same two movers who moved her into her Mill Park home last time.

We asked if Louise had added any more furniture and she said no same amount as last time, so we used the same truck, a 44m3 which moves the average 4-bedroom home in Melbourne.

Last time Louise moved with Quick Pick Movers she had a skilled Home Removalists Melbourne called Blaze and an experienced mover called Marvin. The two movers were reassigned to be Lousies removal team on the day.

Lousie asked if she could also please take us up on our offer of free moving Boxes and came to collect the moving boxes later in the week.

Lastly, we emailed Louise a full moving summary, so she had a copy of the movers run sheet for the day.

The movers arrived in Mill Park at 09:30 am (as requested by Louise). One mover backed the moving truck into position, while the other removalist went inside the Mill Park home with Louise to see all the furniture that would be coming to Romsey.

Both removalists started to load the truck, starting with a tv unit and then a buffet. The furniture was blanketed and then moving boxes were placed on the furniture to maximise the floor space and use all available space in the moving truck. Next, the movers loaded and blanketed the side tables from each bedroom. Again boxes were loaded on top. A clean moving blanket was then loaded onto the floor to protect the two mattresses that came next. After the entire Mill Park home was loaded into the moving truck. One removalist closed the tailgate, while the other mover confirmed the address with Louise and provided her with an eta.

On arrival in Romsey, one mover backed the moving truck down the driveway, while the other Removalist guided the removals truck, making sure both the sides and top of the truck did not come in contact with any obstacles. Both movers then went into the Romsey home with Louise and discussed where all the furniture needed to be placed. The unloading was completed and Louise was impressed with both the removalists work ethic and friendliness.

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