Removalists North Melbourne to Brunswick East via Collingwood

Removalists North Melbourne

We did a small job for Daniel earlier in the year and now he was looking for a Removalist to move his furniture from North Melbourne to Brunswick East with an additional pick-up in North Melbourne. Daniel first wanted to know if there was an additional cost for multiple pick-ups or multiple drop-offs. We confirmed that we do not charge additional fees for multi stops.

Daniel had a one-bedroom home with a study and storage locker. Based on the items he mentioned the truck would be 44m3 to safely move all his furniture in one trip.  We checked all three addresses to see if there were any height, length or width restrictions that would limit our moving vehicle from getting as close as possible to the pick-up and delivery points.

Daniel told us his brother would be at the Collingwood pickup and asked if we could please pickup up a 3 seater couch from the 1st floor. There was also no lift so the couch would be needed to be carried down the stairs by two strong and experienced removalists.

We processed Daniels booking and double confirmed all the details and sent him out a booking confirmation via email.

On arrival in Collingwood, one mover contacted Daniel’s brother to let him know we had arrived to collect the couch. The other removalist lowered the tailgate and got a blanket ready to keep the couch clean and free from damage. Then both movers went upstairs and brought the couch down. The couch was then blanketed and tied in and both movers proceeded to North Melbourne.

As there was no parking inside the unit block in North Melbourne, the removalists parked the truck on the street as close as possible to the entry of the building to fast track the loading of the furniture. The building had a lift as the lift was padded to protect Daniel’s furniture and also the lift from damage.

A tour of Daniel home and the storage locker under the building was taken to plan the stack and load of Daniels furniture into the moving truck. Both removalists started to bring the furniture down the lift and out of the storage locker the moving truck was stacked, blanketed and secured in record time. A few pieces of furniture which had been built inside the unit were too large to come out and had to be dismantled to be removed. As the movers always carry tools this was not an issue.

Once the truck was fully loaded, the removalists confirmed the delivery address with Daniel and proceeded on to Brunswick East.

Removalists Collingwood
Removalists Brunswick East

On arrival in Brunswick East, the movers once again had to park on the street as the home never had a driveway and only on-street parking was available.  Daniel had used his car and his wife’s car in order to reserve a parking spot outside (as requested) so the cost of the move would be reduced.

The removalists then went with Daniel on a mini-tour of the home and discussed where the major items of furniture would be placed. The men unloaded all items of furniture carefully and in rapid fashion. They once again used their tools to reassemble any previously disassembled furniture.

Daniel had labelled the boxes with numbers and then put a number on each door which allowed the removalists to place moving boxes in the correct room which would save Daniel money and the movers time.

Once the men had finished Daniel and wife thanked the men for their tireless work and friendly banter.

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