Removalists Notting Hill to Glen Waverley

Removalists Notting Hill

Eric searched for a Notting Hill removalist and then for a Glen Waverley removalist as he was moving from Notting Hill to Glen Waverley and was looking for movers who serviced both areas. He noticed that Quick Pick Movers came up in both searches and decided to request a quote online.

He received a fast quote via email and a PDF with our pricing and also our key benefits. He received another quote from a different mover, which was cheaper but when he called them to book in, there was hidden costs and no insurance. Eric then called Quick Pick Movers and asked if there are any additional fees and if our moving service includes insurance. We informed him that the quote included all fees and that insurance is included.

Eric felt that he was dealing with a  trustworthy moving company and that the removalists we would send would do a good job without any hidden costs.

We assigned Marvin and Fernando to move Eric from his triple storey home in Notting Hill to his ground floor home in Glen Waverley.

The removalists called Eric on approach to provide him with an arrival time. As promised the moving men showed up at the quoted time. On arrival, the men noticed it was a shared driveway and asked Eric if his neighbours are home, which Eric replied yes. Eric’s moving team then knocked on all three doors and asked his neighbours if they need to go out as we would need to block the driveway. One neighbour moved his car out onto the street as he would need to leave soon and the other two said they are at home today.

Eric thanked the removalists for being courteous to his neighbours and also mindful of interruptions to his move, which would result in a higher cost for his move. Marvin then reversed the truck into the driveway in Notting Hill to allow for a faster and safer load.

The men unloaded Eric’s furniture in record time including a fridge on the third floor all without damage or delay. The men then closed up the truck and confirmed the delivery address with Eric before proceeding to Glen Waverley. While Marvin was driving the truck Fernando looked up the address on google maps satellite view and noticed Eric had the rear unit and we would not block anyone with our moving truck.

On arrival at Glen Waverley, the removalists backed the truck all the way to the front door to speed up the move. The truck was unloaded in record time.

The total cost for the move was $ 348 and Eric was impressed with the mover’s professionalism and thanked them for a damage-free and stress-free move.

Removalists Glen Waverley