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Nithin called Quick Pick Movers to get a quote on our removalists Preston and removalists Mill Park moving services. He had already moved most of the smaller items and asked if we could please move just the large furniture that he could not get into his car.

Nithin also asked if there was any additional charge for disassembly or reassembly of his bed and a sofa bed. We assured him that there were no additional costs for his move and the removalists always carry tools to assist clients.

We then checked the access for the moving truck at the Preston home and saw the driveway would be too small to fit any removalists truck. Nithin said that when he had moved into Preston, they parked the street and unloaded. When checking the Mill Park home, we noticed the driveway had no limitation for the removals truck.

Nithin needed to move his home on Saturday, as he and his wife worked in the Melbourne CBD from Monday to Friday and was not available for removals during this time.

The moving truck arrived in Preston first thing Saturday morning. One removalist backed the moving truck as close to the loading point as possible, while the other mover went into the Preston home with Nithin. Nithin was still packing boxes with his wife and apologised as he had some big projects on at work and never had time to complete the packing before the removalists arrived. The movers said it was not a problem, they could start with furniture in some rooms, while he and his wife packed in other rooms.

The movers got straight to work loading, protecting and tying in furniture from the Preston home into the moving truck. One mover disassembled the queen bed frame, while the other removalist unassembled the trundle bed. After the moving truck was loaded the movers checked with Nithin there was nothing else he wanted to take. He asked if there was enough room, could the removalists please take the outdoor garden furniture, polt plants and the moving boxes that he and his wife had finished packing. The movers said not a problem and loaded the remaining items.

The movers confirmed the delivery address in Mill Park and gave Nithin an eta based on the moving trucks GPS. On arrival in Mill Park as the movers approached the driveway, they noticed a skip bin in the driveway blocking the access. Nithin said the rubbish removal company should have collected it and apologised. The movers said not a problem they can still finish the move. One Removalist Melbourne parked the moving truck as close to the entry point as possible, while the other mover went into the Mill Park home with Nithin to confirm where the furniture was going.

Nithin had just painted the kitchen in the Mill Park home and also had new carpets installed. He asked the movers if all the furniture could be placed in the main tiled room and kept off the freshly painted counters. The removalists unloaded the truck with ease and then while one mover reassembled the trundle bed, the other mover reassembled the queen bed base. Nithin was very thankful the men had troubleshooted and manage to work with a smile on their face and at a fast pace through a difficult move.

Nithin said he would definitely recommend us to anyone who wanted to move with professionals. If you or anyone you know is looking for a Preston Removalist or a Mill Park Removalist then get an instant online quote.

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