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At Quick Pick Movers, our experienced movers have been providing removal services in Ringwood East for over a decade. We are an Australian moving company moving residents of Ringwood East. We offer four main types of moving services, starting off with furniture removals for home and offices in Ringwood East. Then we offer a labour-hire service, which includes two removalists when a moving truck is not required. Our third option is a pool table removal service which includes, balls, queues, lighting and any other related accessories. Lastly, we are piano movers, who guarantee the safe transport of your piano. We pride ourselves on providing value to our clients. We understand moving day can be stressful, but when you move with us, we guarantee it will be a Stress-Free experience.

Furniture Removalists Ringwood East

You can rest assured, that your home furniture is in safe hands with our Ringwood East moving team. We have been moving residents of Ringwood East since inception. All our movers carry tools, so they can assist you with dismantling and assembly at no extra cost. No matter if you are moving into or out of Ringwood East, Stress-Free Movers are the best choice for the safe relocation of your furniture.

Pool Table Removals Ringwood East

If you need pool table removal in Ringwood East, then look no further than our movers. We have over a decade of experience moving pool tables in and around Ringwood East. All our moving trucks are fitting with hydraulic lifts to ensure the safe transport of your pool table. We specialise in moving single and double slate pool tables with a size range of 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and up to 9ft pool tables.

Piano Movers Ringwood East

Fully insured piano movers at your service. We have been moving piano’s in Ringwood East for many years. Our men are specifically trained to move a piano, to avoid the need for a retune. We utilise the latest piano dolly equipment to safely move your piano. We can move all different types of piano’s in Ringwood East from upright pianos, organs, pianolas and even grand pianos.

Cheap Removalists Ringwood East

No one wants to pay more for a move than they have to in Ringwood East. If you want cheap removalists in Ringwood East then look no further for a quality move that will cost you less. We have many ways to save you money, for example, we charge our increments per quarter-hour, not per hour offering a potential saving of 75% on any additional time required. Our moving trucks are purpose-built for removals and that makes your move faster and cheaper. There are no hidden costs, so the price you are quoted is the price you pay. We do not charge any additional charges such as callouts, return fees or fuel levy. All our quotes already include GST, so you won’t find any sneaky pricing tactics with us. What we offer is cheap removals in Ringwood East period.

Man With A Van Ringwood East

If you just need a small move or single item moved to or from Ringwood East, then our Man With A Van service in Ringwood East is unbeatable. Starting from $99 including GST we can offer one man with a van. If you need two men with a van, then get an instant moving quote now. Our 3-tonne moving van can handle up to 12m3 of furniture, which is enough for a studio apartment, moving a couch, an 8 seat table and chairs or even a small self-storage cage. The only item we recommend not using this vehicle for is a full height or double door fridge as height limitations become an issue.

Furniture Movers Ringwood East

Professional furniture movers in Ringwood East know that two things count as a moving company. One is proven experience and the other is great equipment. All our movers have many years experience in removals in Ringwood East and all our moving trucks are fitted with the latest and best moving equipment. We have flat dollies that can be used to move pianos and pool tables with a weight capacity of up to 500kg. We have upright appliance trolleys that are used to move fridges, washing machines and dryers. We have thick padded removal blankets to protect your furniture from denting or scratching. We have soft truck ties to secure your furniture during transportation.

Office Movers Ringwood East

There is a lot of commercial activity in Ringwood East. Often during the year, many businesses find themselves in the need of office movers in Ringwood East. We can pack, move and unpack the office if you need us to. We can supply boxes, assist with disconnecting and reconnecting your computers, monitors, mice, keyboards and printers. If you have partitions and connected desks, we are able to disassemble and reassemble your office partitions and desks. We even move on Saturdays, so we can move your entire office over the weekend and it can be ready for your staff when they return on Monday. If your workplace is trialling working from home in Ringwood East, we can pack, dismantle and store your office furniture on a month to month basis.

Ringwood East Suburb Review

Ringwood East is a great place to work and live. Ringwood East has its own train station and it is on the Lilydale line. Ringwood East station was opened in 1925 and has parking for up to 330 cars. The locality of Ringwood East as part of greater Melbourne in the outer east side. An estimated 25,000 people call Ringwood East home and the suburb has over 1500 registered business with Ringwood East as their primary address.

The female to male population is Ringwood East is pretty much 50-50. Half are males living in Ringwood East and half are Females living in Ringwood East. 21% of the inhabitants of Ringwood East were born out of Australia but the suburb has a citizenship rate of over 88%. The two main industries in Ringwood East are construction and professional services.

Most households in Ringwood East are family households, with an average of 3 people per home. Families are generally broken down into two main groups in Ringwood East, Families with kids at about 40% and similarly couples with no children or no children still at home also at roughly 40%.
Overall Ringwood East is a popular suburb of choice in Melbourne.