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We called Sam as he was looking for a removalist. He wanted to move his furniture locally within the suburb of Ringwood. He requested a moving quote by posting on a removalist quote site. Since we are close by and provide moving services in Ringwood, we thought we would be a perfect fit.

We spoke with Sam about his concerns and what was most important to him when he was moving. He said he was looking for a moving company that had been around a long time, had insurance and great reviews. We told Sam that Quick Pick Movers Home Removalists Melbourne had been around over a decade and we are fully insured with CGU. We also mentioned he could search us across multiple review sites and see that we get very positive feedback for being friendly and efficient.

Sam said; we were the first mover to call him and he was waiting on another two quotes from other moving companies, before making his decision. That afternoon he called back and spoke with us and booked us in. He explained our price was in the middle of the two quotes he received and that our reviews online were exceptional.

He booked us in and requested a later start time, as he wanted to disassemble the beds after he and his family woke. We confirmed that the size of the moving truck would be 39m3 as this is what has become a moving industry standard for a two-bedroom home.

Instead of the usual 07:30 am start in Ringwood, we started the job at 09:30 am to give Sam time to dismantle the beds as requested. The movers said they had tools if Sam needed any help to disassemble and reassemble. Sam thanked the removalists but said he preferred to do it himself.

The driveway was too narrow to fit anything other than a car,  so the removal truck was parked on the street and as close as possible to the furniture loading point. The men viewed all the furniture that was to be loaded. Sam mentioned some furniture was staying as it was going to the tip. The movers offered to assist and take the furniture to the kerb for him. Sam said that would be great and save him calling a rubbish removal company, he could then just order a council clean up.

After removing all the unwanted furniture to the kerb, the removalists then went about stacking, packing, blanketing and tieing in all of Sam’s home furniture. Once the movers had finished they checked with Sam that there was nothing else he wanted to take. Sam asked if they would mind coming back for a return trip for the pot plants and the outdoor furniture as he had expected the move to take longer than it did to load. The movers said not a problem.

As the delivery suburb was local in Ringwood, the men followed Sam there and reversed the truck down the driveway to get a faster and cheaper move. After unloading all of Sam’s furniture into his new Ringwood home the men closed the truck up and went back to get all the pot plants and outdoor furniture.

Sam thanked the movers and was very impressed with how fast they were and how friendly and accommodating the removalists are. If you or anyone you know is looking to move your home furniture in Ringwood, then please contact us.

removalist ringwood