Removalists Rowville to Lysterfield

Removalists Rowville to Lysterfield

Debbie called us because she was looking for a Rowville Removalist who could move her items in storage to her home in Lysterflied. Because of COVID-19 Debbie asked if we could do the job without her present, to which we replied not a problem.

We asked Debbie who she stored with and she told us Wilsons Storage in Rowville who had recommended us to do the move for her. Since we are less than 2 minutes from Wilsons, we do a lot of work for them as a prefered supplier and know their facility well. In order to get access to Debbie’s storage unit, we would need to know the unit number and access code. We also asked Debbie if she knew the size of the storage unit as this would make it easier to send the correct size removal truck to move her furniture. Debbie did not know but said she would contact Wilsons and get back to us.

Later in the day Debbie called and asked if possible we could move her items from Rowville to Lysterfield tomorrow because that way she would not have to pay an additional months storage fee. We knew the storage facilities opening and closing times and said not a problem we could fit her in and we would give her a call to let her know what time we would start loading.

Debbie was grateful for the rapid response and was very impressed that we are so efficient and easy to move with.

The removalists called Debbie on arrival to let her know they had started to load the truck, the unit number was correct and the access code had worked. Both men doubled checked they had loaded everything and look a photo of the empty unit and sent it to Debbie who gave a big thumbs up. We then called Debbie and asked her what she would like us to do with the storage lock and Debbie asked us to bring it back to Lysterfield.

While one removalist was closing the truck up and getting ready to proceed to the Lysertfield, the other mover went inside the facility and signed out. We called Debbie once more with our estimated arrival time at Lysterfield.

Debbies moving team arrived in Lysterfield on time and started to reverse the truck up the nearest entry point. One of the movers got the truck ready while the other mover went to do a tour of the home with Debbie so we knew where the items needed to be placed. The items were unloaded in no time at all.

The move was damage-free and provided Debbie with a stree-free relocation. Debbie said thank you to us for such great service at such a low cost. The total cost of the move was $288.

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