Removalists St Kilda East to Breamlea

Removalists St Kilda East to Breamlea

The moving men arrived in St Kilda East at 07:30 am as requested by Crystal because her furniture needed to be in Breamlea before lunch. Crystal lived in a block of units. One mover called Crystal and met her downstairs to make sure which is the closest access point to her stairwell. The other removalist backed the truck down the driveway right next to the entry point.

In under fifteen minutes, the movers had loaded, padded and securely tied all furniture into the truck. One mover went upstairs to Crystal to make sure all items were in the truck before leaving. He also confirmed the delivery location in Breamlea and provided Crystal with an estimated arrival time. Crystal said her mum would be there but had to leave by lunchtime. Both movers assured her that the job would be completed well before lunchtime.

The moving men requested the mother’s name and number to update the run sheet so they could contact either person should they need to. The removalists then called Crystal’s mum with an eta and off they went to Breamlea.

While one mover drove the truck, the other removalist looked on Google street view to see if there were any limitations for the truck to enter the driveway. There were low hanging tree branches that blocked entry into the driveway but since there was only a small number of items they would park as close to the driveway as possible to unload the furniture.

On arrival in Breamlea, the moving team did a u-turn and parked the truck in the most economical way to reduce the walk and thus reduce the time taken to unload Crystals furniture. While one removalist lowered the tailgate, the other mover knocked on the door and met Crystal’s mum. Crystal’s mum showed the mover where she would like the furniture placed and the movers began to unload the truck.

Upon completion, the movers called Crystal to let her know her furniture had been moved without damage.

Removalists St Kilda East
Removalists Breamlea

It was another successful job done by the professional removalists at Quick Pick Movers Home Removalists Melbourne.

Crystal was thankful the job was done without any damage to her furniture at the agreed price and before lunchtime as requested.

Crystals’ mum commented on how professional and focused our moving team was compared to the previous movers they had used to pick up the furniture.

If you need items moved between Melbourne and Victoria, do not hesitate to contact Quick Pick Movers.