Removalists Warragul to McCrae

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David searched for a Warragul Removalists to move his family home from Warragul to McCrae.  Quick Pick Movers home removalists Melbourne are known for being Removalists in Victoria and provide moves in Melbourne and around Victoria.

David was worried about getting a truck big enough to move all his furniture in a single move and only needed two removalists to assist him. Based on the travel time of one and a half hours, it was decided to use our largest truck, which is 53m3 and can comfortably move the average Melbourne 4-bedroom home.

David had been recommended to move with us by a family friend who previously used our removal services. David wanted to start as early as possible in Ferntree Gully, so we would be moving in daylight when we arrived in McCrae.

We chose our Victorian moving specialists, Marvin and Fernando who have really good stamina and often do all day removals. We confirmed access at both addresses to make sure the moving truck would be able to get as close as possible to the loading and unloading points at each home.

We processed David’s removal booking and email him a copy of his moving summary so he had a copy of the conversation in writing.

Davids moving team arrived 07:30 am at Ferntree Gully as promised. One mover backed the removal truck into the driveway at Ferntree Gully while the other removalist went into the home with David to plan the load of David’s furniture. Both removalists started to load the moving truck. They began by loading from the floor to the roof in a tight stack to reduce movement during the travel. All items were blanketed and securely tied in.

Once the moving truck was fully loaded the removalists went with David through the Ferntree Gully property to make sure nothing was left. David forgot that he had left a few items under home and the men said it would not be a problem and they would blanket them and secure them for safe travel to McCrae.

The removalists then gave David an eta based on the removals truck GPS. David said he would follow later but his wife was already there and she would show the movers where to place the furniture.

The movers left and headed to McCrae. On arrival in McCrae the removalists parked the moving truck as close as they could and then went into the home with David’s wife, to have a quick run-through of where to place all the furniture.

The movers quickly unloaded the moving truck and managed to get the entire job completed before David arrived. David and his wife sent a thank you, email to our company thanking the movers for their fast and friendly service. If you or anyone of your family or friends need a Warragul Removalist, then please tell them to get an instant quote.

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