Moving Cost

Moving Services Pricing

Small moves - $150 up to $300 - One Bedroom - $280 up to $400 - Two Bedrooms - $350 up to $600 - Three Bedrooms - $400 up to $800 - Four Bedrooms - $700 up to $1200. This is only an estimated cost, depending on the access of both properties, the amount of furniture which every move has, the last thing which can effect the cost is the distance from the pickup to delivery point.

You need extra person? no problem! $50 per hour.

*These rates include GST. These rates are for ground level properties. For properties upstairs with no lift excess we charge $10 per hour extra for each floor. These rates are for the local distance moves around Melbourne. For moves to the country Victoria we charge $10 or $20 extra for petrol expenses depending where the town is. For interstate moves we give fixed quote rates by appointment.

*We charge for the first two hours, which includes travel to your pickup and travel from your delivery address. After the first two hours, we only charge per fifteen minutes (not per half hour or per hour) based to the hourly rates above (fifteen minutes = 1/4 from the hourly rates). Our charges only start when we arrive at your pickup address and stop when we finish unloading at your delivery destination.