Moving A Daybed Easily

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No move is difficult if you have a complete plan of how to do it right. All the information you need as for how to achieve a safe and easy daybed move are here. Read the following article and make your move as smooth as possible.

How many times have you enjoyed the warmth of the sun in front of your window or how many relaxing moments have you had in your garden along with your friends? No doubt a daybed is one of the most loved pieces of the house. Daybeds are not only comfortable but also much more luxurious than any lounge chair.

However once the time of a daybed move has come you may see you daybed as a big nuisance. Even the transfer from your rest room to the backyard may be a brainteaser not to mention the option of a move to a new house. Not only the move will be tiring for you but it may also be risky as damages are very common while moving. However having all the information you need as for how to achieve a smoother and safer move even amateurs could make it through with such a demanding task. Here is a good plan.


First of all, given that a daybed is too heavy and bulky you should make your move easier making your daybed a bit lighter. Thus before you move your furniture you may need to prepare it properly. First step: reduce weight removing the mattress and cushions. This way not only the daybed gets much lighter but also you will be more efficient too. Remember to pad the removed pieces properly in order to protect them against dirt and damages. Use plastic bags to place the cushions in and wrap the mattress with moving blankets securing with tape. Furthermore, if you have to pass through doors or narrow passages you should take the dimensions of your daybed and see if you need to disassemble it. Take the dimensions of your daybed and those of the doors and passages. If the dimensions of your furniture are bigger than those of the doors you will have to disassemble the daybed. In this case use the manufacturer’s instructions. Mind to place any screws in a small box or bag so as not to lose them.

In addition no matter if you are moving long distance or just a few meters in the one room you need to make all the preparation needed in order to make sure that your daybed base won’t get damaged or sully too notably if you negotiate a wooden base or a coated base. Therefore you should better pad the base as well. Now you are ready to move your daybed. Have some friends to help you carry the base first and once it is placed to its new position you can carry the mattress and the cushions. In case that your furniture is too heavy to be carried in hands you can rent or borrow a trolley/dolly to transfer the daybed with. Have one person to hold the dolly stable and move carefully the furniture on top. For an easier and safer move you should better secure the furniture on the dolly using ropes or moving stripes. Move slowly and carefully. It is more preferable to have delay a bit than to have accidents while trying to finish the task quickly.